Bob's Burgers

Season 1 Episode 1

Human Flesh

Aired Sunday 7:30 PM Jan 09, 2011 on FOX
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It's Bob's Burgers Grand Re-Re-Re Opening, but the festivities are delayed by a Health Inspector.

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  • how do u watch this

    how do u watch this
  • Not a good way to start the series off

    I was really disappointed as to how Bob's Burgers started out. I wasn't expecting a whole lot, but I didn't expect it to be this bad. The episode begins with Bob and his family trying to get customers in on Labor Day weekend and save his business after his grand re-re-re opening. However Louise started a rumor in school that Bob's Burgers contain human flesh in them, and it has the town in an uproar. The episode doesn't sound too bad at first, but it's not executed properly. Most of the humor in this episode relied too much on Gene's megaphone doing robotic voices or fart noises, and while it was funny the first few times it got really annoying, really fast. I was also disturbed by Tina having that itch in her private area. I don't mind gross stuff, but that wasn't necessary at all, and she does nothing funny at all. Louise was just plain annoying and screwed up Bob's business so much. I am surprised that Bob didn't ground her or punish her at all, it was her fault that Bob's Burgers was failing. Bob managed to get a few laughs out of me in this episode, but not that much. I also did fine the fire extinguisher bit a little funny. Overall, this wasn't a great way to start the series off, and hopefully the next episode will be a big improvement.moreless
  • An awful start of Bob's glad that there's no more episodes like this again

    I thought it was a SLOW start of Bob Burgers. I just saw it this Sunday (rerun) and I didn't laugh at anything. Not a good way to start the show. I wonder why a lot shows has slow starts like this one. Anyway, let's see what the episode's about.It's Bob's Burgers Grand Re-Re-Re Opening, but the festivities are delayed by a Health Inspector. Also, Louise starts a rumor about the human flesh burgerthingy. Gene'smicrophonefart sounds was ABSOLUTELY NOT FUNNY!!! I 'm sorry to swear, but that BS got freakin' old fast and I get it. Although Gene is my favorite character, I hated him in this episode. Louise wasn't that good in this episode. I mean, I wish she didn't started that rumor about theburgerthingy. Overall, the worst Bob's Burgers episode ever and I wish there's never an episode like this again. 1/10.moreless
  • This show will not last. Its not only not funny its annoying to watch. Faces are cheaply drawn, and not the great family guy way.

    Its sad to see that the networks think that just because American dad, family guy and south park are a hit that automatically every simple animated show will work. The Voice of the main character is great as an extra in family guy but not to listen to for an entire episode. This show gets old very fast.

    I normally give a show a one season try. an exception. I will not watch episode 2.

    It amazes to me that some great shows are canceled for no reason and shows like this get a chance. Who decides this stuff, and why do the networks not listen to the on-line community that are actually watching these shows?moreless
  • Not every show is lucky its first time.

    The first episode is usually something no one looks forward too, as most people just watch it to determine whether they hate the show or not. Give it five episodes. Please. Anyway.

    The story begins as Bob Belcher and his family are bringing their burger joint back in business for the fourth time. The kids accidentally bring up rumors that they sell human flesh, and the place is shut down by their enemy the health inspector, who was previously engaged with Bob's wife. In the ending to the story, a bus of extraordinary eaters come in and believe the burgers do in fact have human flesh, and each order a burger for fifty dollars, and Bob finally has a great weekend to spend with the family.

    Now, I usually hate pilots, but this one was an exception. Lots of people judged it by the crappy animation. So, if South Park had its first episode today, you'd hate the show for the same reason, right? Think and stop for a moment. The joke with the molester, is something South Park would also do, its got even raunchier humor. Bob's Burgers is not offensive at all, at least so far. I'm giving the show a good chance, I know I'm getting a lot of thumbs down just for my opinion, but I don't care. Loren Bouchard, go on!moreless
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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (6)

  • QUOTES (6)

    • Bob: (addressing Tina, Gene, and Louise) You're my children and I love you, but you're all terrible at what you do here. And I think you should know, I'd fire all of you if I could.

    • Louise: (while watching their parents kiss on the Ferris Wheel) Awe, Sick!
      Tina: Mom's really handsy.
      Gene: (shouting to parents) You're a couple of sluts!
      Tina: I think it's nice.
      Louise: (shouting to Ferris wheel operator) Hey! Get this thing moving! I'm getting scarred for life up here!

    • Hugo: (reading a poem he wrote for Linda) Inspector of health, Inspector of pain. I came in search of human remains, and I found a piece of human flesh I thought I'd never see again. My heart!

    • Bob: Do not alter anything on the chalk board.
      Louise: But what if I think of something better? Which would be almost impossible not to do.
      Bob: You will not think of something better because 'New Bacon-ings' is perfect. It's hilarious, right? (pause) You know what, I'm taking the chalk.
      Louise: (whispering to Gene) Like I don't have chalk.

    • Bob: I know you think it's the Gene show out there, but there's a line between entertaining and annoying!

      Gene: NO! That's a myth! (makes laser noise with his megaphone)

    • Bob: Tina, you're on the grill.
      Tina: My crotch is itchy.
      (Gene and Louise are horrified)
      Bob: OK... Are you telling me as my daughter or my grill cook?
      Tina: uhhh... as....
      Bob: Because my grill cook would never tell me that.
      Tina: Oh...
      Bob: Also, my daughter should probably not say anything like that to me. Tell her... tell your mom.

  • NOTES (2)

    • Crew Additions and Clarifications: Joel Kuwahara (Animation Executive Producer), Scott Greenberg (Animation Executive Producer), Mark McJimsey (Animation Executive Producer)
      Bill Buckendorf (Assistant Dialogue Editor)
      John Dylan Keith (Sound Design)
      Devin McJimsey (Retake Coordinator)
      Carder Scholin (Script Breakdown)
      Dave Creek (Lead Character Design)
      Devin Roth (Character Design), Jay Howell (Character Design), Loren Bouchard (Character Design)
      Tyler Gentry (Lead Prop Design)
      Rustam Bekmuradov (Background Design), Ed Ghertner (Background Design), Scott Moot (Background Design), Liza Epps (Background Design)
      Mike Guerena (Color Key), Rozalina Tchouchev (Color Key)
      Randy Ludensky (Animation Timing)
      Leslie Chang (Storyboard Revisionist), Jiwook Kim (Storyboard Revisionist), Joseph Rocket Ekers (Storyboard Revisionist), Kyung Shin (Storyboard Revisionist)
      Wes Archer (Retake Artist), Jennifer Coyle (Retake Artist), Bernard Derriman (Retake Artist), Tad Stones (Retake Artist)
      Sirron Norris (Original Background Design)
      Nora Smith (Main Titles), Rustam Bekmuradov (Main Titles)
      Mike Benner (Executive Assistant to Bouchard & Dauterive)

    • This episode was rated, TV-PG for suggestive dialogue (D), offensive language (L), and graphic violence (V).


    • "Don't Taste Me, Bro!"

      One of the protestor's signs after hearing Bob's burgers contained human flesh said 'Don't Taste Me, Bro!'.  This is an allusion to college student Andrew Meyer's "Don't tase me, bro" in 2007 while resisting arrest and a police officer had a taser. He was held down by no fewer than 6 police officers as this was going on.

    • The Burger of the Day, New Bacon-ings, is a reference to the line "New Beginnings"