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  • I practically don't even watch television except for this.

    I looked up this show because I was curious with other peoples opinions. I was surprised. How could someone dislike this show? Well, I know why. It's because they're probably just ignorant douches and don't know authentic comedy except for what they've been fed for so long already. I wouldn't compare this show to anything else because its just on a whole new front on its own. (maybe kinda related to the Simpsons but only partly). Im so glad I stumbled upon this. At first when I watched it during season 1 I kinda put it off because it didn't seem that interesting. BUT MAN.. how great it has become. Im kinda glad I didn't start watching until season 3 because I was the happiest just binge watching to catch up. Now I'm just dying until every new episode comes out and I just wish they were longer. Man... Also, if Lee Newton loves this show (one of the best people I'd think is an expert in comedy) then everyone who dislikes it I just feel bad for. Right now, id put this show as my #1 tv show. If I get to finally cutting the cord or if my cable provider ever decided to bring A la carte, I'd choose this for sure. I also have to mention that practically every episode is quality. I thank the creators because they're not half assing anything here. (Or maybe they are? Maybe they're just that good lol)
  • Bob's Burgers < The Cleveland Show

    not even going to compare this pathetic excuse for a comedy to Family Guy or American Dad, because this show fails even compared to The Cleveland Show. The animation is lazy, the voice acting is horrible (especially each and every female character), and quite frankly, in the 15 episodes that I have watched I probably laughed twice maybe three times. I mean an episode about a serial pooper what the heck is that! I'd much rather watch Family Guy, American Dad, The Simpsons or hell even the Cleveland Show than I would this abomination. I honestly don't see how any American can find this entertaining (maybe British people, but I don't get most British humor). If I could, I would give it 0 stars.
  • Bob's Burgers >>>>>> Family Guy

    Did someone REALLY just say that Family Guy---the TV show that revolves around potty humor and has been absolute shit since '07-'08 is more "mature" than Bob's Burgers! LMFAO That's a freaking riot.

    Anyway, I used to snub this show as well, but took the time to watch it once it came onto the Adult Swim line-up. It's actually a pretty good show and probably one of the most underrated in the current Fox lineup. The characters are generally tolerable. The jokes aren't as "out there" as Seth's shows, but they're pretty funny nonetheless. Only rating it an 8.5 because it has a few stale episodes once in a blue moon and the butt jokes get really annoying.
  • Yupyup

    Love this show lots. Louise is a riot. :)

    It's way better than Family Guy.
  • Why people no like Bob

    Bobs Burgers is a unique show unlike Family Guy that is just ignorant Bob Burgers is funny and not full of dirty one of my favorite shows on Fox and its not fake like other shows that bring up time travel or any of that shit so ya i like it.
  • Good stuff!

    Great show, love the characters! Catchy tunes as well.
  • Great

    Great show. Ignore the tools who give it a low score.

    I mean Family Guy? Really? Ugh... You can have it. Keep your grubby little mitts off my shows anyway.
  • Fuck everyone who keeps giving this show a "1.0"!

    That's right you all fail at life! Anyways this is a pretty decent show. It's not as bad as everyone says but it's not the best adult cartoon right now (Rick and Morty is). Anyways this is about a guy and his wife and kids that open a burger joint. Their kids also are a important part of the show too. It's pretty good and can be a little funny and times. Ignore the butthurt trolls who only want attention and nothing else.
  • Comedy for dummies

    Not funny at all. There is a stupid plot. Childish humour. Gross happenings. Annoying voices. Made for dumb minded people. Please cancel this piece of junk.

    Stick with shows like Family Guy and American Dad, or more shows by Seth Macfarlane, which are actually hilarious.
  • It may not be the best, but its a decent show

    This must be the 2nd best animated show on Fox right after the Simpsons. I admit the show had a weak start but then it bounced back in humor and quality. The voice acting is rather and I think all 5 main characters are likable. Even the small role characters are worthy of notice. Although I dont like a few, most of the episodes are something I would watch on a day when I`m bored.

    FUNNY AS HELL. I used to not like it. Then it started to grow on me a bit more and I started enjoying the improvements in comedy. The writers started adding there own comedy gags to the show, which made it fresh and viewable.
  • I love this show but...

    i got a feeling it's going to be another family guy
  • Best show ever

    Bobs Burgers has quickly become my favorite cartoon of all time. It is so simple yet complex, being able to explore so many themes that appeal to all audiences. There are so many subtle jokes that only true fans can appreciate, such as Tina's bed thrashing and bob's man crushes. Honestly, there is no other show that can pull together animation, humor, and emotional significance quite as well as Bob and his Burgers can. Although there are some pretty let-downish episodes with an occasional awkward-as-hell song/scene, the show is just so relevant that a fan like me simply just can't stop loving it.
  • Underrated

    Excellent show. I appreciate how the jokes on the show are actually related to the plot instead of simply throwing in a slew of forced references. That aspect was quite refreshing. The characters are extremely likeable, but that's really up to the viewer. Additionally, are people really complaining about the few fart jokes on the show considering how crude so many other series are. The show itself is about a family and it's cool how they work the parent's script realistically around the children (discretion). Although of course, there are exceptions (which just make it even more realistic). The show jumps from G-rated to 14A so much it's hilarious.

    Honestly, it's good. Watch it for more than 2-3 episodes, and you'll see how awesome it is.
  • Horrible

    I watched one episode of this crap and I absolutely hate it. There's nothing funny about it,the voices are irritating,and the characters look like painted bowling pins I didn't laugh once while watching it. At least all of Fox's other animated shows have some redeeming quality. This has none.


    It was terrible. I can't believe this is going to get at least 5 seasons

  • What's With Bunny Girl?

    Bob's Burgers is one of those irritating shows on FOX in which most of the episodes are terrible, then end up throwing a curve ball of a great episode (such as the food truck one). Too bad that those great ones are few and far between. What is a miracle is that Bob's Burgers has lasted as long as it has, which is now in its fourth season as of Fall 2013. I'll never, for the life of me, understand why Louise has to wear those pink rabbit ears throughout every second of each was more easily understood when Moth Man (aka Arthur, the accountant) wore bunny ears as a superhero on the long-cancelled "The Tick" series; but Louise looks like an utter freak. If I never see another "Bob's Burgers" episode on FOX, I won't have missed much.

    UPDATE: You know you're getting old when you starting watching "Bob's Burgers" in reruns. Ugh!
  • not funny

    not funny
  • Bobs Burgers or GTFO!

    There is so much I could say, but Im into this baazar type humor and the kids crack me up. The fact that the whole show is crusty is why I love it so much. The voice acting and animation just add to the insanity, its great. I literally cant explain it ^_^ I'll watch Bobs Burgers reruns over a Family Guy re run.. and that says A LOT! <3 Too bad the promos turned me off from it when it first premiered but I couldnt be happier that I gave it a shot this year!
  • It's ok

    It a descent show way better than cleveland show
  • Spoiled Rotten

    This show had potential, but it totally fell flat with bad voice talent, bad animation, and unappealing humor. And this is coming from a Home Movies fan.
  • Second only to South Park

    The best animated series to come out since South Park. I'd take a rerun of Bob's Burgers over a new Family Guy episode. I cant even watch nearly all the animated series they have out because they are so obscure and weird. The characters are perfect despite other reviews, every character is likeable unlike other shows. Very well done, my new favorite. Finally don't have to pretend to enjoy watching Family Guy, Cleveland Show, and American Dad all the time. WE NEED MORE EPISODES!!!
  • One of the worst animated shows EVER made.

    This is by far one of the most disgusting and horrible shows I have ever seen, and it looked horrible enough by just watching the previews of coming attractions.

    Where do I begin? The jokes are painfully unfunny, the characters and animation is hideous looking, and the voice acting is beyond irritating.

    Worse yet, it doesn't make a lick of sense. It acts like it's trying to be funny, but it fails pathetically.

    Animation Domination is bad enough already with the Simpsons past their prime, Family Guy and the Cleveland Show. But THIS one takes the cake for being a complete waste.

    At LEAST the others have SOME redeemable factors to them. THIS one has none whatsoever.

  • bob's burgers

    i really like this show its really funny when i saw the preview for this i was a bit sceptical probably because of the animation but i gave it a shot since i heard it was really good and i enjoyed it i found it really funny even though this show is not as funny as the simpsons family guy or american dad but i still really like it i don't think i've seen a bad episode of this yet so yeah its really enjoyable
  • Most annoying animated show since Family Guy

    This show annoys the piss out of me. I HAD to stop it after episode 3 of season one. I started watching because of that Archer cross-over, I naturally assumed that this show had to be just as brilliant to be referenced. Wow was I wrong.

    The wife and eldest daughter are voiced by men, both of whom seem to be doing the most annoying voices they possibly can (which is honestly mildly sexist. I mean the show has three female characters and only ONE of them is voiced by a girl, and she's EXTREMELY annoying, and the rest are men being as annoying and naggy as they can?), and the son is basically what I would expect a middle-school aged Family Guy fan to act like (I get they're your audience, but you shouldn't write one of the annoying little fucks in to your show).

    Even H. Jon Benjamin's smooth sarcastic tones can't save would-be-Homer Bob from coming off as boring... Especially when he seems to be going through the exact same motions as every other animation father: Kids messing up his life, annoyed that his wife's family is coming to visit, having 'The Shining" flashback that I have seriously seen in EVERY other Animated Sitcom ever (Let's do the list: Simpsons, check, Family Guy, check, South Park, check).

    So far the shows main jokes seem to have been about fart noises, cow shit, and pooping yourself, which clearly just shows a fine maturity about the whole affair.

    Don't get me wrong, I'm a long time South Park fan, so I'm not offended by such humor, but humor like that belongs in the background of deep plot based comedy which this series never really hits. That said: at least it tries, unlike Family Guy, and I've even heard it gets better in the second season, but with characters this chronically annoying I'll certainly never find out.

    Derivative annoying garbage designed for chronically boring and unfunny people.

    Archer brought me here, but I can't help but feel it only did so because it wanted me to come running back into it's arms all the more aware of what a gem it is.
  • Not Even Remotely Funny.

    This is probably the worst show on FOX on Sundays. The animation is pretty bad, the voices are annoying, the little girl sounds like a boy (well they all kind of do), and the jokes aren't funny at all. One episode they were laughing at a piece of cow crap; I mean it doesn't get much more pathetic than that. A six year old probably wouldn't find that funny. I seriously hope that this show gets cancelled soon, I think that the current Family Guy episodes are funnier than this, and the aren't all that funny. 1/10
  • Bob's Burgers Rules!

    Ths a show for the ppl out there that aren't looking for setup/punchline setup/punchline setup/punchline type show. this show has depth and personalities that are real, funny and likable. If you are like me and liked 'Dr. Katz' or 'Home Movies' or 'King of the Hill' (all of which i actually LOVED) then you will love Bob's Burgers as much as the rest of us who don't need a fart joke every 3 seconds. And to the ppl that say this show isn't funny, YOU are the reason that 'Two and a Half Men' is still on there air whether u know it or not!
  • Bobs Burger Stinks!

    The characters look like bowling pins (not funny ones). The dialogues and situations are funny)This show makes me wonder how abominations like this gets on the air!!
  • The worst show to ever air on FOX

    This show seemed okay and man was it worse than I expected. The animation is a complete joke and the voice cast was terrible. I don't know the name of one of the daughters and I don't care BUT the daughter had a little boy voice and this show just wasn't funny at all, it was totally boring, the jokes are lame, and I couldn't stand this show at all. The writers of "Bob's Burgers" don't seem to take their time to make a good animation in this show. I can't believe FOX would air this piece of junk on FOX. I wouldn't be surprised if this show only lasted one season. I gave the first episode a chance and after from what I saw from the first episode of "Bob's Burgers", I am never watching this show ever again. I don't recommend this show to anybody. There's better shows that air than this. If you don't like this show then change the channel to something better. 1/10
  • Better than 99% of the shows on TV

    There's nothing I don't love about this show. All of the characters are fantastic and quirky, the plots are believable (mostly) and relatable, and the humor is original and rich unlike the kinds of jokes we're bombarded with on shows like Family Guy. It seems that this show just gets funnier with each season. I honestly have no idea why some people hate this show. I'd recommend this show to everyone, but especially to those who are tired of fart jokes and poor slapstick comedy.
  • Finally, a cartoon on Fox to look forward to every week!

    I can see why a majority of people don't like Bob's Burgers, because quite frankly they're the same people that can't stem away from the style of humor ala Family Guy. To me, the show is enjoyable mainly because of the great deal of characters and how they interact. The Belchers are such a quirky family, yet every member is lovable in their own way. Also, the thing about the humor is that everything seems to happen really fast, and many of the laugh out loud moments are actually kind of monotone, so you have to know the context. Granted, there are quite a few fart jokes and the like in Bob's Burgers, but to be quite honest, unlike many other shows, where it's normally plain repulsive, here it's basically just a part of the character, especially in the case of Gene being he's a 12 year old boy. Tina and Louise are also hilarious.

    I do have to say, you gotta have the palate for this distinct style of humor, but considering I do, I really don't have any complaints! I'm glad it got picked up for a fourth season!
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