Bob's Burgers

Season 1 Episode 3

Sacred Cow

Aired Sunday 7:30 PM Jan 23, 2011 on FOX
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Bob grows fond of the cow a film maker is using as he films a documentary about the consumption of meat.

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  • Okay episode of Bob Burger

    Bob grows fond of a real life cow, when a documentary film maker comes around making a film about if cows show'd be killed for food. I thought this was an okay episode of Bob's Burgers. The plot was just weak to me and didn't made me laugh that much. I laughed like a few times here, but I forgot which parts was funny. Louise annoyed me in this episode since she kept calling Bob a murder. I kinda didn't found that hilarious it was just annoying and repetitive. So, yes, I couldn't remember the funny parts, but overall, this episode was fair. 6.5/10moreless
  • A documentary to see if Bob Belcher is a hypocrite.

    The episode starts with Bob talking to his kids in the meat freezer and he has announced he will be selling the 100,000 burger in his restaurant. Then some film documentary director comes nearby and brings his cow "Melissa" because she has five days before she'll be ground up into beef. They decide what Bob's judgement is in the five days, and they get more and more customers attracted with the cow in front so Bob decides to keep the cow upstairs in their home and Linda decides to take it outside and leash it, but it gets kidnapped and they find Melissa in a petting zoo. They take her out, and she gets hit by a truck and Bob decides to use her for beef and use her in his 100,000 burger. To end on a note, I thought this episode was OKAY, it wasn't as good as last week's, but felt a bit like the pilot. Stay tuned...moreless
Todd Barry

Todd Barry


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Brendon Small

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Paul F. Tompkins


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    • Crew Additions and Clarifications: Joel Kuwahara (Animation Executive Producer), Scott Greenberg (Animation Executive Producer), Mark McJimsey (Animation Executive Producer)
      Bill Buckendorf (Assistant Dialogue Editor)
      John Dylan Keith (Sound Design)
      Devin McJimsey (Retake Coordinator)
      Carder Scholin (Script Breakdown)
      Dave Creek (Lead Character Design)
      Devin Roth (Character Design), Jay Howell (Character Design), Loren Bouchard (Character Design)
      Tyler Gentry (Lead Prop Design)
      Rustam Bekmuradov (Background Design), Ed Ghertner (Background Design), Phil Hayes (Background Design), Scott Moot (Background Design), Liza Epps (Background Design)
      Mike Guerena (Color Key), Rozalina Tchouchev (Color Key)
      Randy Ludensky (Animation Timing)
      Leslie Chang (Storyboard Revisionist), Kyung Shin (Storyboard Revisionist), Rocket Ekers (Storyboard Revisionist)
      Wes Archer (Retake Artist), Jennifer Coyle (Retake Artist), Bernard Derriman (Retake Artist), Tad Stones (Retake Artist)
      Sirron Norris (Original Background Design)
      Nora Smith (Main Titles), Rustam Bekmuradov (Main Titles)
      Mike Benner (Executive Assistant to Bouchard & Dauterive)
      Lizzie Semmer (Office Coordinator)
      Darwin Oriando (Harmony Administrator)

    • This episode was rated:

      TV-PG: suggestive dialogue (D), offensive language (L), and graphic violence (V).