Bob's Burgers

Season 2 Episode 3

Synchronized Swimming

Aired Sunday 7:30 PM Mar 25, 2012 on FOX

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  • ehh..

    i like swimming, just not the synchronized kind.
  • The kids try to go synchronized swimming

    The kids use a phony independent study about synchronized swimming to get out of gym class. Meanwhile, Bob decides to add soft-serve ice cream to his restaurant's menu.I thought this was a perfect episode. I liked/laughed at the beginning, Bob daydreaming about the summer, Teddy eating dessert, the kids signing to synchozied swimming, Gene pushing the door (but he couldn't), the montage of the kids having fun, Linda telling the kids about being their new synchozied swimming coach (although it was a little rushed since it went to commercial break), Tina talking to the coach, Teddy complaining about the ice cream, the customers kept coming to Bob's Burger (annoying Bob), Linda daydreaming while the kids were playing, Linda daydreaming again (and she melting it), Gene complaining that Bob isn't wearing a suit, everyone swimming without water, and a couple. My only complaints were the kids (especially Louise, I hope she isn't back being annoying again) were being jerks to Linda. Also, the ending was giving me a headache because I kept hearing heavy breathing. Besides those, an excellent episode of Bob's Burgers. 10/10
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