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Body of Proof

Season 3 Episode 1

Abducted - Part 1

Aired Tuesday 10:00 PM Feb 19, 2013 on ABC

Episode Fan Reviews (4)

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  • Not impressed!

    I was really hacked off at the way the writers basically bitchered the cast at the end of season two and nothing in this first ep of season 3 has caused me to cheer up any.

    Getting rid of a charismatic "leading" man was IMHO a stupid mistake simply to shock the viewers and he's been replaced, surprise surprise, with a prior "love interest" that ended badly.

    Will be seeing a slow but steady renewal of romantic interest between Hunt and Sullivan?

    Well whadda you think? God, do the writers have nothing better to do than start a "will they, won't they" that everyone knows the outcome to?

    I also don't believe it was a good idea to kick off a new series with a two (?) parter. We've been waiting for the new season long enough without having to endure two weeks to get back into it.

    Bad enough losing the solid "leading man" but to also dump the two detectives is simply unforgivable, especially after the initial antagonism between Hunt and them was resolved into mutual respect.

    Lazy, incompetant writing and execution.

    If this show had a report card, it would have in very big letters "MUST TRY HARDER".

    Even worse, if the US viewing figures keep going down it'll be lucky to make it through series 3 at all.
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