Body of Proof

Season 3 Episode 2

Abducted - Part 2

Aired Tuesday 10:00 PM Feb 26, 2013 on ABC

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  • abducted part 2

    I loved it. The show is absolutely captivating. Keeps you guessing as to what's going to happen next. Keep up the good work.
  • Abducted

    Body Of Proof 2-20-13, and 2-26-13 "Abducted" I believe episodes 1 and 2 of season 3, " Abducted" to me actually went good. I to compared it to Castles 2 parter on kidnapping. But I think it came off good. I hope it does get it's chance to do season 3.

    I do miss Peter Dunlop, it is good that Megan has thoughts about him and miss him, and has some regrets. It's natural. Hope it lasts for most of season from time to time. His replacement in The ME office, Charlotte Tilney didn't fare so well. Between Megan not liking her and her own nervousness and trying to do the right thing, she didn't fare so well. So she quit. Actually with 2 Detectives on her beacon call, we don't need a special investigator. But Charlotte might have fit in well, and be a contrast to Peter. Maybe she will be invited back later?

    I also miss Bud Morris and Samantha Baker. At least they said where they went, But retired Because of Peters death and will stay home with his family. Sam got an offer to join FBI, and moved away. But that does leave open opportunities of paths crossing again!!? Especially if it would help boost ratings??

    But I did like the exchange between Bud and Megan. He at first didn't believe her, like the 2 new guys are doing. Then they had a back and forth respect relationship. Sam was under utilized, but she had a good re pore with Bud. And her and Megan worked good together. No nonsense working. And I liked the playful jabs the non-returning 3 had going with each other. Loosing Dani Alverez the Morgue driver was good and bad. I didn't like her so much going after Peter, and ignoring the pinning Ethen Gross, but it was part of the story. But she had her good points too.

    Now their replacements, Det. Tommy Sullivan and Det. Adam Lucas, good start I'd say. Adam wanting to know what Tommy's history with Megan is. It will be awkward at first to get them worked in story line. Megan has to back off her personality a bit. But I see chemistry between her and Tommy. But they can't be together on everything, and Megan has to stumble some. She has 5 others at work to help find answers.

    Kate Murphy's Political ambitions can work in to this story line ok. Her and . Dan Russell can work. We see already he pushes her to not see all the facts to make herself look good. Hense the to quick news conference. But she along with Ethan Gross and Curtis Brumfield helped figure out some information that helped solve the case. And of course they should. The show had more cop drama then lab work, but it is refreshing. They should show bot, heavily labby episodes and heavily detective work episodes. Then a fine mix of both. And the conflicts between Kate and Megan will keep going.

    On with the Episode specific info. Even though Tommy and Adam aren't used to Megan's methods, Kate should know Megan don't make this stuff up about an assistant to Dr. Harvey Wallace. I knew when we met Nurse Yvonne Kurtz, she had something to do with it. The story of planting bombs in bellies of Veterans was a bit far fetched. But them using Karl Simmons to help catch the culprit of kidnapping Lacey raised a couple red flags for me. And when he disappeared in the van when Tommy and Adam were watching him, I said ok, maybe he's in on it. Either that or there were still 2 working for the Dr. But he just jumped in with his accomplice.

    Someone stated about how Lacey was grabbed and how they knew her to be Megan's. it does make you wonder. If she had been seen with Megan at a restaurant or something by Yvonne then it would make sense. Her insulin problems worked to make it more dramatic at end. I know Megan's mom, Joan Hunt, and Her ex- Todd Flemming didn't know about her kidnapping, but they should be contacting, or coming to see her in future. Also I hope you don't totally write out Megan's bf, Landscaper Aiden Wells.

    Now I liked that they had the shoot out with Dr Wallace. I didn't like that Yvonne Kurtz killed Dr. Wallace's daughter. But there were enough twists and turns to make it interesting. Megan getting grabbed and the team having trouble finding her. Megan having to do the operation on Carl. Her fighting with Yvonne to let Lacey escape, but she was to weak. Then Kate getting the information to The Detectives in time to come and save them. The swapped GPS threw me off, but worked. Then brave Karl thinking he can get away and still blow up an airplane. Then the explosion. Later Megan did the right thing introducing Tommy to Lacey.

    I believe given a chance it will work. Maybe move it to Monday Nights in front of Castle?
  • satisfying conclusion

    This episode started very personal and I was surprised how easy Megan folded which is so against her character, but it also showed what her weakness is and she should never have to apologize for it. A somewhat routine episode where the police lose Megan while tracing her which was to be expected, but the surprise was once again in the baddies and the new team of cops that have been assigned to Megan. It feels that we are in for a nice season.