Body of Proof

Season 3 Episode 10


Aired Tuesday 10:00 PM Apr 23, 2013 on ABC



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    • Dr. Megan Hunt: Did you come here to gloat?
      Dr. Derrick Malcolm: No, no, I came to apologize. I was, uh, wrong about Darby, too. Uh, obviously, she's a total sociopath. I knew she was lying to you, but I-I didn't think she was capable of murder. I wanted to tell you that.
      Dr. Megan Hunt: Thank you. Uhm... You know, I-I've always thought of myself as a woman of science. And when the cops, they talk about gut instincts, it just makes me think of intestines. It's messy. I let myself get messy.
      Dr. Derrick Malcolm: People are messy. We're no different.

    • Dr. Curtis Brumfield: You looking for Dr. Hunt?
      Det. Tommy Sullivan: You know, sometimes I think she senses I'm coming over and she just disappears.
      Dr. Curtis Brumfield: Oh, she has spidey sense. No doubt about that. Especially when she's mad at you.

    • Dr. Megan Hunt: What the hell did you give her?
      Dr. Derrick Malcolm: Mild sedative.
      Dr. Megan Hunt: This is not mild. You're punishing her for talking to us behind your back.
      Dr. Derrick Malcolm: Don't you dare presume to judge my decision. You're only here because I'm allowing it. Darby's my patient.
      Dr. Megan Hunt: Don't even try to play the doctor card with me. You're way out of your league.

    • Dr. Charlie Stafford: (about getting an exhumation order for her father's body) I'll see what I can do. (Megan stares at him) What?
      Dr. Megan Hunt: I don't know. It's just, everybody else has been telling me why I'm wrong, and I guess I expected you to do the same.
      Dr. Charlie Stafford: I trust your instincts. You tell me something's off, I believe you.

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