Body of Proof

Season 3 Episode 1

Abducted - Part 1

Aired Tuesday 10:00 PM Feb 19, 2013 on ABC

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  • Too Bloody, Gory and Boring Now Like Every Show today

    The new people are great - the new subject matter is horrible. Who likes looking at bloody people all the time. Evidentally the majority. Not me .
  • welcome back

    Very impressed how this show returned after some severe shake up of cast, this being the 1st part of a two-episode stretching episode did help as well. The episode went out a bang and lots of promisses towards the rest of the season.
  • Not impressed!

    I was really hacked off at the way the writers basically bitchered the cast at the end of season two and nothing in this first ep of season 3 has caused me to cheer up any.

    Getting rid of a charismatic "leading" man was IMHO a stupid mistake simply to shock the viewers and he's been replaced, surprise surprise, with a prior "love interest" that ended badly.

    Will be seeing a slow but steady renewal of romantic interest between Hunt and Sullivan?

    Well whadda you think? God, do the writers have nothing better to do than start a "will they, won't they" that everyone knows the outcome to?

    I also don't believe it was a good idea to kick off a new series with a two (?) parter. We've been waiting for the new season long enough without having to endure two weeks to get back into it.

    Bad enough losing the solid "leading man" but to also dump the two detectives is simply unforgivable, especially after the initial antagonism between Hunt and them was resolved into mutual respect.

    Lazy, incompetant writing and execution.

    If this show had a report card, it would have in very big letters "MUST TRY HARDER".

    Even worse, if the US viewing figures keep going down it'll be lucky to make it through series 3 at all.
  • Not [necessarily] what I expected, but, nevertheless, a solid opening episode.

    Truthfully, I was anticipating a 'moderate' opening episode, subsequent to the stupefying circumstances of the spine-chilling 'Mind Games'. Imagine my surprise; a 'two-parter' to initiate a fresh season, entailing a fascinating case that bears an unforeseen, very personal twist.

    I'm genuinely satisfied with the manner in which the incidents surrounding 'Mind Games' were treated over the course of the episode, notably Megan's reminiscing [upon entering her office] on her horrifying predicament, and Peter's death in her arms during the opening ten minutes - I commend Dana Delany on her performance, believably conveying 'survivour's guilt,' and the degree to which Megan's emotional/mental state complements her actions. I have faith that this arc will be explored in greater detail in the forthcoming episodes.

    Megan's 'former' partner, Tommy Sullivan, was a pleasing addition to the cast, and I urge the writers to delve into Megan and Tommy's back-story. I do, also, desire that the writers make more fitting use of the ensemble personae [Adam Lucas, Curtis Brumfield, Ethan Gross and Kate Murphy] this series.

    [Aside from a few credulity issues; for instance, the scene at the pier] overall, this was a thoroughly entertaining inception into what will hopefully be an awesome third series; the performances are high-caliber, and the writing is juicy, slick and smart-as-a-tack. I'm gingerly awaiting the culmination of this two-parter, and expecting to be amazed.
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