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Dani and Peter shouldn't be dating. It's a turn off to the show.

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    [1]Jan 19, 2012
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    I think it is a big mistake on ABC's part to put Dani and Peter characters dating. It absolutely makes me sick. I can't stand Dani's character, wanting to have sex with every male. Since Peter and Dani are both sluts, I realize that they are trying to make their relationship a meaningful one. Firstly, they look horrible together, and I want to turn the tv off when I see them making-out. I absolutely love the show. And it's even getting better. What spoils it is the Dani character. She has no purpose and I will be very disappointed if she continues to date and get serious about Peter. I thought sh would be much better dating Dr. Ethan Gross or remove her from the show. She serves no purpose. Peter should date Dr. Megan Hunt if he has to have a love interest. Nathalie Kelley is a very good actress but her character is not right for the show.
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    [2]Jan 20, 2012
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    I totally agree with you. Has anyone else noticed how the ratings have plummeted since she joined the show? This show is in danger of cancellation, and I think this horrible relationship is at least partially to blame for it.
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