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Episode Discussion: Committed 3x10 (spoilers)

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    Please discuss episode Committed (Apr 23) in this thread. Enjoy!
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    Does it seem like many of the recent episodes seem to be decided by a minor bit of evidence that really should have been sorted out earlier? Like that gel stuff in this episode. It was one of the first pieces of evidence gathered and should have been trivial to identify, but wasn't brought back out until the very end. Meanwhile, they do that pearl/blood thing, even identifying it as the little girl's. All well before they got around to identifying the gel. If they'd figured that out in the first place instead of seeming to forget about it, they could have done their job and caught the Bad Guy much sooner. I realize that would make the episode - and the drama and intrigue - much shorter, but it's kind of annoying when something really obvious and simple re-appears and solves the crime, particularly when it never should have gone away. It's one thing to have a substance or something complicated that takes a while to figure out, then swoops in at the end (eg: Abby has to crack into an encrypted hard disk), or to be found late in the show (eg: Brennan finds a mark on the bones that they didn't spot before which reveals what truly happened), but this stuff was found less than 10 minutes into the episode. Hodgins would have identified it in seconds, or at least certainly well before the pearl-DNA test (the result of which were presented to the mother in the very next scene after it was found).

    This isn't the first instance of this sort of plotting laziness either.

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    calm down, it's i think 2 things 1 a bit realistic cause no doubt stuff like that does happen. i've been watching some Investagation Discovery lately well a LOT of it lately. and the thing is i dunno how many times in real crimes where they go over every piece of evidence. than out of frustration

    they go back to the evidence at some point and they notice something they missed. so that does i think happen. also the show is an hr long. and to keep the show going and you guessing well that's the hope anyways i think. they let them do that at the near end of the episode. some of them figure out about 15 minutes left of the episode some even earlyier. hence the chase. like in Criminal Minds where we sometimes have them find the killer at like 40 minutes into it than more stuff happens. it keeps it more realistic i think.

    actually this episode had me guessing. i had forgot about the gel honestly. and i did think the doctor and the mother were involved. and the actress who played that young girl was pretty good actually. also another aspect is this, in the real world the DNA testing can take months

    and other tests no doubt the time vary too no doubt. so they he he no doubt sometimes have the tests come in later than in 5 seconds like CSI sometimes does. even though that isn't realistic. that's my take on it anyways.

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