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Episode Discussion: Disappearing Act 3x09 (spoilers)

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    [1]Apr 16, 2013
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    Please discuss episode Disappearing Act (Apr 16) in this thread. Enjoy!
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    for me this has been a great season, it really didn't start out that way cause it started out where i had to get used to the changes what with some of the cast leaving and such. and having Megan Mean like that more than usual i didn't like at all. but since she's mellowed out since that one episode where she opened up about her father's death to that Serial Killer Shrink. she's more likable again.

    and this season is i think getting better. i wonder how the ratings are ? according to wikipedia they are also getting better compared to the start of the season last time i looked. and if the ratings are correct i wonder if they are good enough for a season 4? maybe a full season this time?

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