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Episode Discussion: Fallen Angel 3x06 (spoilers)

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    Please discuss episode Fallen Angel (Mar 26) in this thread. Enjoy!
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    Hi everyone! :-)

    I'm in the process of watching the episode and just saw the scene where Tommy tells Kate and Megan the shirt Kate found would not be admissible evidence. Honestly, I don't understand his point. Why? Sergei willingly invited Kate into his hotel room. She reminded him of her association with the police. He invited her to stay. She saw the shirt in plain view and didn't go searching for it. She saw blood and a large amount on it and fearing Sergei could get rid of it took the shirt to protect it and to check the large amount of blood on the shirt.

    While having Kate go back into the hotel room works good for the drama, this plot line doesn't make sense and spoils the episode given part of the fun is suppose to be the M.E. aspect.

    ON THE OTHER HAND, what would have been good drama *and* follow the rules of evidence would be for the three to say to protect Kate's political chances they don't want to admit how she found it. This would bring up a LOT of drama between Kate, Megan, and Tommy. Now Megan and Tommy are putting their careers on the line for Kate's political future in the U.S. Congress.

    Finally, IMHO, putting the shirt back can present its own problems. To do the blood work, I saw Kate transfer some of the blood from the shirt to the testing material. The CSI team will be taking photos of the shirt before processing it and this inconsistency in the density of the blood on the shirt would show up in the photos. OK, I agree the CSI people wouldn't say a thing, but the defense team and experts at Sergei's trial would notice and bring it up. I fear putting it back would generate more issue.

    Well, at least this is how it seems to me. What you? I guess I'm asking three questions:

    1) Do you agree or disagree with Tommy on the admissibility of the shirt?

    2) Do problems with procedural part take away from an episode for you or don't they?

    3) Wouldn't tying finding the shirt to Kate's political future be better drama? (Yeah, I know maybe it isn't a plot line they want to open yet or at all ....)

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