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Episode Discussion: Going Viral Part 2 2x19 (spoilers)

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    [1]Apr 3, 2012
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    Let's discuss Tuesday's episode Going Viral Part 2 (Apr 3) in this thread. Enjoy!
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    Aside from the complete lack or reality about how such a situation would play out, its also unrealistic that there would be only ONE doctor from the CDC there and that any of the medical examiners office personnel would even be allowed to be involved. CDC, FBI and Homeland Security would have been there long before the medical examiners office notified them because all the fracking hospitals in the city would have already done so. Also, someone tell the inept Dana Delany that she flubbed her line when talking to Perry's character about retrieving the experimental vaccine via helicopter. The name of USAMRIID headquarters is FORT DETRICK, not "Fort Derek". Either that or the writers are as stupid as this 2-parter shows they are if the mis-naming was their mistake in the scripted line.

    Also, Marburg virus is NOT the worse of the two viruses, Ebola is. Marburg has a mortality rate of 25% - 50% while Ebola has a 90% death rate. Is it too much to ask for a little accuracy and realism?

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    I couldn't agree more and that really bugged me too. Taking a virus that leaves you with a quite good chance of surviving aka Marburg virus and making it into Ebola's bad brother. How about some fact checking before you film such nonsense. And taking this really cheap picture of the virus which you can even find on wikipedia is kinda lame.

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