Body of Proof

Season 2 Episode 19

Going Viral Part II

Aired Tuesday 10:00 PM Apr 03, 2012 on ABC



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    • Dr. Kate Murphey: Look at me. I'm gonna tell you the same thing I told Curtis. The one place you're not gonna catch this guy is sitting here holding my hand watching me die.
      Dr. Megan Hunt: No. I'm not leaving you.
      Dr. Kate Murphey: You have been a truly good friend, which sounds odd, considering we've never really seen eye-to-eye. But... if you really want to be there for me, go catch this guy. Don't let him infect even one more person.

    • Dr. Kate Murphey: (in the isolation room) Megan? What are you doing here?
      Dr. Megan Hunt: I'm like Marburg. I'm impossible to get rid of.

    • Dr. Megan Hunt: Where have you been?
      Peter Dunlop: Thank you for being so understanding.
      Dr. Megan Hunt: Yesterday I was understanding. Today the city is in meltdown. So whatever you're feeling, box it up, put it on the shelf until this is over.

    • S.A.C. Brendan Johnson: So you're telling me this disease can turn your brain into cat food in 72 hours, but you have no clue what we're dealing with? You have over a hundred dead bodies in the morgue. Can't you find a-a microbe or something that can you tell you what this thing is?
      Dr. Megan Hunt: Do you know how many microbes there are in the human body? 100 trillion. That's a 1 with 14 zeroes behind it. Looking for one microbe is like looking for one specific drop of water in the Atlantic.

    • Dr. Megan Hunt: (to Kate) Listen to me, don't you die on me. Believe it or not, I don't have a lot of girlfriends. I can't afford to lose even one.

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    • Original International Air Dates:
      Canada: April 3, 2012 on Citytv
      Norway: August 19, 2012 on TVNorge
      Germany: November 2, 2012 on Kabel 1
      Finland: November 7, 2013 on Liv

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