Body of Proof

Season 3 Episode 3

Lost Souls

Aired Tuesday 10:00 PM Mar 05, 2013 on ABC

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  • Nice Try, But Crime Shows Should Stay Away From The Supernatural

    It seems obligatory for dramas to have a "spooky" supernatural episode. One where "you just never know, it could be god/the devil/ghosts, But it is seldom done well and this was not an exception. True it was slightly better than others I've seen (Bones, looking at you), even so the whole message from beyond he grave was niether warranted, nor made much sense given the context. Did Megan's father end up in Hell sharing stories with the devil? What exactly is the thinking here?

    Overall not a good episode, would have been better to leave the religion out of it altogether.
  • i dont know about this season

    the doc seems more angry and b*tchy than last season .I hope the show doesnt turn into crossing jordan; she has an interesting job,shes not a cop !!!
  • Wrong Direction

    This show was solid last season. However, this season the writers are going the wrong direction. The show should not be about one person (Megan Hunt) it should be about the entire cast. The addition of the new leading man (Mark Valley) only spell disaster. Every show he has been on has been canceled. The last episode there was a scene where Dr. Hunt told two police officers what to do. This show will become another joke of a show like "CSI" whatever state. Writers, please center the show around the other cast members and not just Dr. Hunt.
  • good episode

    To be honest I was sceptic about Dana and Mark but they turned out to be great so I'm glad about that. What I don't understand is what's going on?? First Bones is all about ghosts and dead mothers and now BOP with exorcism. Don't get me wrong, I think this episode is great and they handled exorcism thing good, but I just don't like involving any religion beliefs in crime series. It doesn't offend anyone but then again in some sense, it denies one's belief because it all turns out to be drugs or something... I don't just don't like that...
  • Creepy

    A quite enjoyable episode that chose to be scary and did so quite well.

    The new team with Doctor and detective seem to be shaping quite well.

    Looking forward to the rest of the series.
  • Possesion is 9/10 of the law.

    3/5/13 "Lost Souls" Body Of Proof 3.03

    This episode for me went a little smoother then the first 2 this season. But with Det. Adam Lucas on Vacation,(already?) It was basically Det. Tommy Sullivan and ME Megan Hunt on the case in the field. Megan didn't seem to be quite so Bossy. Granted I was worried with it being a possible possession of sisters, I didn't know what to expect. Megan thought it was drugs. Curtis and Ethan didn't, they worried Rebecca was possessed. No drugs found in body. "Dr. Sullivan" Megan called Tommy. Then later her and Tommy saw Chelsea being "possessed" also. It did surprise Megan with the voice and the acrobatic actions. Caleb Banks(is on White Collar), the father had her tied to bed trying to beat the devil out of her. After she stabbed herself, and Megan was trying to help stop the blood, Chelsea said: Quarter for your Jacket Pumpkin" Megan later explained her father had said when she had repeatedly left her jacket at school. And as Chelsea in the hospital later said "Now go learn something". Even though she had no idea what it meant. So she definitely weird-ed out Megan, to think there might be something to God and the Devil. Also after talking to 3rd sister Hanna she figured out mother Laura was giving the girls St. John's Wart to keep them under control. Also came out after a scared Curtis found a old tooth in basement of the Banks home. Radium on it. They find that Atticus Aldridge had gone insane and killed his children a long long time ago in this house. And Caleb Banks thinks they are paying for his great great great grandfather doing that. It was cute Ethan and Curtis being so scared in house. Who was running around, Chelsea? Also good to see that they weren't only 2 in house. There was a team and a Detective.

    It was nice that they sat in Kate Murphy's office and went over the evidence to help each other find answers. Megan was so worried they couldn't find the reason for the death. Later we find that the St. John's Wart hid the evidence of the PCP that sister Hanna was feeding her sisters. They thought she was being PG-13(messed) with by Dr. Jeffrey Dante. But come to find out it was all Hanna. She flirted, she stole the PCP and they had sex in the office. She hated that dad was trying to help her not so good sisters. She took dads gun and was going to shoot him then decided after Megan and Tommy came in to shoot herself. Megan tried to talk her out of it. But she was stopped by the gun not going off. Tommy was confused and Megan said maybe divine intervention? Megan still thought Caleb needed psychiatric help.

    The twists with the Pastor Todd Higgins added to the story. Kate using pressure to get the tox screening redone was a good touch. Curtis reluctantly admitting Dr. Hunt was right all along was cute too. But she shouldn't be 100 percent of the time.

    Lacey had come to see Megan at work, and Megan asked her about if she missed Church? Since they don't go. But Lacey did go at times with her friends. Megan was wondering after that.

    I believe it was a good episode.