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    like the reviews said before me, again a good show ended.... season 3 was just getting interesting and you leave the fans hanging....

    sad really sad.....
  • please dont end body of proof

    I'm gutted this show has ended, its soo good, Megan and Tommy are cute together. Apparently it ended because it wasn't popular enough, how can anyone not love this


  • more recaps please?

    put more on season 1,2 and 3 please
  • Why cancel a great show

    Very disappointed that this show got cancelled while others were saved. This was a great show. I hope that another tv channel picks up this show. I greatly enjoyed watching this each week.
  • BAFFLING! Series Improves Network Cancels it.

    Body of Proof's episode story lines got more exciting this 3rd season. Yes I agree the concept is much like Crossing Jordan, but hey everything else these derived from everything else before it.

    Cancelling it after season 1 or 2 would have made sense, it was dragging imho. But cancelling the show after improving?

  • why cancel

    why do they cancel the good and keep the crap
  • What's with the sound effects on May 2013 episodes???

    Body of Proof was one of my favorite all of the sudden the background music and sound effects is now louder than the dialogue making it difficult to follow and painful to watch! It's not just me, my husband noticed it too AND it's not our TV (same on another of our TV's). This is obviously done to increase the dramatic effect but it's over-the-top and is keeping me from watching at all.
  • meagan a meanie

    I like the show but meagan hunts character isnt very likeable. I liked her very much when she guest starred on castle. Maybe they could tone her down a bit. I hope they dont cancell it .

    I'm so gonna miss Megan ! :x

    This show should have small seasons with 10/13 episodes !
  • One of the Best Show on ABC

    What sad news to cancel the on you
  • Do not cancel it!

    Love this show, please don't cancel it!
  • dont take it away

    please please dont take it from us we love the show

  • WHY??

    I see BOP isa canceled. WHHHHHHHYYYYYYYY?????????????????????? I hate you
  • NOOOOOOO!!! Canceled

    Please please do not cancel my favorite show, this show has everything a great show needs to actors great cannot wait every week to see this reconcider!!!!
  • Love It

    For a Nanna I really love this show, maybe because I have been a nurse for over 45 yrs and have long since retired. Appreciate that there are no gay scenes YET. Please don't cancel this show
  • 3rd season - seems end is near

    Used to enjoy this, but 3rd season doesn't worth watching this show. I will not miss this one
  • Rabies show

    No one expects a TV medical drama to be completely accurate, but to portray humans with rabies as violently aggressive is ridiculous. What kind of expert consultants do you have chiropractors ? Early-stage symptoms of rabies in humans may be malaise, headache and fever; signs consistent with meningitis, or encephalitis, sometimes progressing to pain, violent movements, uncontrolled excitement, depression, and hydrophobia or quickly become comatose.. By the time a person shows, if they do, periods of mania, they are incapitated enough they aren't walking from place to place. Many case of rabies in humans (and in animals ) are misdiagnosed because they do not present like a wild animal, chasing down and attacking other mammals-- but have unusual, subtle but progressive central nervous system signs . The tranmission of rabies virus thru solid organ, non-neurologic tissue transplantation has happened from (I think ) 4 donor cases affecting maybe 12-14 people, just in the last 10 years- and is not well understood, because organs have no nerve tissue. The donors, were in each case showing signs of encephalitis, but didnt appear "rabid".
  • Annoying

    All this show does is reinforce the negative stereotype that women achievers are unlikable bitches of the Nth degree, with unsurprisingly failed personal and social relationships. And that they themselves can't, or won't, be prepared to see why or adjust their views and attitudes and instead favour condescension and being the pot calling the kettle black.
  • Allow Megan Hunt to have some humanity

    It's ok for your characters to deal in emotion, to react truthfully, honestly and with heartfelt emotions to death and the dying. The changes in the 3rd season have brought this show all to eerily into the tv realm of any of the CSI franchise shows or Fringe, where the characters see almost immune to what is going on around them and how it is effecting them internally. Megan has lost that touch of humanity that had you routing for her, even when she was terrorizing everyone around her in season 1 & 2. You could she how she was driven by the upset of her life changes - the lost of her career and daughter. This seems to have been totally forgotten in season 3. Watching her transformation, fate forcing her to take a better look at her life and priorities and again, acting with humanity was what got me and kept me with this show. I mean, Peter just died and there has been little or no attention given to how she is dealing with it, except ignoring it, I guess. Writers of Body of Proof, take up the challenge of exploring the nuances of your characters that you so carefully crafted in the frist two seasons. ABC Producers, execs, etc. - the rejigging of this show leaves me cold and saddened that you can't stand by the qualities that made this show great because you don't feel that this gives you the ratings you want to see. Believe in your product. Don't jump ship so quickly. I know this this isn't how the tv world works, but man, I sure wish it did.
  • Love Body of Proof

    I was disappointed they killed off Peter, but I LOVE MARK VALLEY. As far as Megan's character, why do people call a strong female character a b*tch? If it were a male character he would be a bad a**. It is great to see strong, intelligent, independent female character! Love Megan, Dana does an excellent job. Love the season 3 changes. I hope this gets rewnewed!!!
  • how about

    they give her a hobby , one person she s nice with or shows likeable side isnt too much to ask for !They should ask the writers of House why people loved him
  • agree - no plausibility

    I agree - this woman is so terribly unpleasant and rude. I am finished with this series also.
  • No plausibility

    Who comes up with the characters? The main character is an a-hole to everyone, she follows only her rules, but for some reason, everyone (including her boss) kisses up to her. It's so unrealistic that it ruins every episode. Done watching.
  • Review intended for 01.03.2013 - 'For your consideration'

    'Body of Proof' would have to be one of the most criticised, under-appreciated programs on the ABC Network [or television, for that matter].

    I've deduced that, for sundry viewers, the credulity of Body of Proof has been [somewhat] poor (for instance: Megan Hunt 'outrageously' participating in interrogations, the 'absurd' wardrobe) however; I associate this series with light-ish procedurals, such as USA's 'Burn Notice' and 'Covert Affairs', in addition to ABC's 'Castle' and CBS' 'The Mentalist'. You would cultivate an understanding that the aforementioned programs, as well as being quite melodramatic, portray a number of scenarios that are completely inconceivable, yet it's the charismatic, relatable personalities, ingenious, slick, sophisticated scripts and elaborate plotting that enthrall viewers weekly.

    The departures of Peter Dunlop, Samantha Baker and Bud Morris, also, would have attributed to a decline in viewership. In all seriousness, citing C. Orlando, a 'TV Fanatic' staff writer, "Body of Proof Season 3 proved that change can not only be good, it can [also] keep you on the edge of your seat and cheering for more". Mark Valley [as Detective Tommy Sullivan] and Elyes Gabel [as Detective Adam Lucas] were refreshing additions to the cast.

    'Abducted - Part 1' chalked up a mediocre 6.75mill (1.2/3 among 18-49), while this culminating episode registered a considerably diminished 6.37mill (1.2/3 among 18-49) suggesting that, at this rate, 'Body of Proof' could be in its final series.

    I, for one, thoroughly enjoy 'Body of Proof' [despite its imperfections]. I don't tune-in weekly for anal structure and realism; on the contrary, the weekly cases are consistently fascinating, the interpersonal relationships are together amusing and heartwarming, and, above all, I can't get enough of Dana Delany as the sassy, sharp Dr. Megan Hunt.
  • The main character needs a makeover

    After they killed off Peter, I decided I was not going to watch this show anymore till they brought Mark Valley in. I loved him in Human Target (still don't get why that show was canceled) and I think he'll be great in this show, as well. But the main character, Megan Hunt, is such an unpleasant, arrogant know-it-all, it's almost impossible to sit through the episodes. If the producers don't do something to mellow down this character, this show is not going to get pass season 3 because there won't be anyone to watch it.
  • New (terrible) writers??

    I used to like this show, but is it just me, or has the writing gotten poor? My guess is the network and writers quarreled.
  • Just watched my last episode.

    I had really liked this show in the past, but no longer.

    The attitude, crankiness and the constant berating of others has really turned me off. Not sure if Midol or divorce would help, but the stupid attitudes distract too much from the show itself. She now reminds me of some women I avoid in real life.

    I agree with what others have said too. They removed Peter, a well liked character. I also liked Mark Valley in Human target. What a great cast they had. I fell in love with Janet :). But bringing Mark into this show is not enough to make up for such a terrible character as Delaney portrays. Gawd I hope she isn't like that in real life.

    Anyway I'd rather see Mark Valleys show in re-runs or him go off and make another one, than to suffer through this again. It's jumped the shark as far as I'm concerned.

    There are too many better options to watch, or shows that I missed and want to ketchup on.

    I'm done with this one.
  • How can such b$$ch be good?

    The answer is: she can't. For all the smarts, the character is so nasty I can't watch. It seems that once she got her daughter, she lost any sense of decency towards her fellow man. She jumps to conclusions but no one else is allowed to do that. She speaks for the dead? How nice? I am sure those who have the great fortune to be around her appreciate her sense of duty to the dead, while she is lobbing nasty comments their way. Want to give it a big fat zero but that is not allowed.
  • Need to Watch.

    It is even better now than before!
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