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  • I could have sworn this show was canceled

    A very formulaic TV crime drama. The main draw of this show is Dana Delany, who I think is gorgeous. That's why Law and Order: SVU is still so popular - Mariska Hargitay. However, let me remind you that according to actual crime statistics in Philadelphia, about 85% of homicides in that city are committed by blacks. I can recall only 2 episodes in the first 2 seasons where the murderer was not white. I hate PC racial pandering and I hope the show evolves to more realistic scenarios.
  • How is this absurd serial surviving?

    It is so unfortunate that may serials relatively 1000 times better than this were discontinued (Human Target, Chase) and this most absurd serial is still running. I think if the producer want to still run it, better get rid of Dr. Megan or replace her with someone else. Dana Delany doesnt know how to act. Probably if someone else would try to do it, it might run out presently, this is a way tooo over act
  • Was Good...

    But I stopped watching. If you haven't seen the first two reading now!

    I loved this show for the first two seasons! But everything changed with the third. They killed off my favorite character, got rid of two others, and I couldn't finish the third season premiere. The writing and cast were still great to watch, but it's like knight rider all over again!

    Wish them luck, but I'm done.
  • Do enjoy...

    didn't like at first but started to. Like the cast alot.
  • Far from Reality

    This show is far from reality. A surgeon who is so good in her work and so dedicated that she has to give up her daughter....she becomes a med examiner and suddenly becomes such a good detective....crap....and very poorly supported with direction....and would somebody please tell Dr. Megan that she does not know how to walk with high heels and yet she continues to wear them regularly.

    Though its total crap but still better than "unforgettable"
  • Body of Proof

    I love this show! Where is it this fall?? Is it coming back or is it gone? Sad if it is!!
  • feel sad :(

    i feel sad that the 3 cast are going to be cut off in season 3..i still hope they hoping that on season 3 dr. megan and peter will hit it off in season 3..they have chemistry..plzzzzzzzzz..i will give you perfect 10 if you reconsider.. : )
  • only watched half an episode... under severe duress

    what a terrible show. why does this show have a following? cardboard acting and nearly monkey writing. pure crap.

    i couldnt watch it. i forced myself to watch the whole episode 2:20

    puke, drill out my eyes, a janitor could write this show

    stay away at all costs. if u dont believe me, just watch an episode.... if you can. it is garbag
  • Body of Proof

    While I kind of liked the first season last year, the second one was not very bearable which is a shame because I love both Dana Delany and Jeri Ryan and like their characters on this show, they have a great chemistry together. But I have not seen this show since late October and I have yet to watch those remaining 15 episodes or so. There is a huge chance this will be canceled, so I guess there is a chance BoP airs its series finale on April 3. This does not surprise me to tell you the truth. I think viewers might be frustrated with procedurals and this one is not that good. I always thought Delany was better as a secondary character on Desperate Housewives, her Katherine was more believable and had more complex to her than this Dr. Megan Hunt. Such a shame she left DH for this, even though i understand how much of an opportunity this was to her. And now DH is ending and BoP might be canceled. Talk about bad luck.
  • ABC Renews "Body of Proof" :)

    Did not see that coming, but I'm so glad they have given this show another run!
  • Season 3 Renewal

    Please please please bring back this show for another season! It's one of the best shows on TV right now, don't cancel it ABC!
  • Best Show!!!!

    This is one of the best shows on TV - what is wrong with people - not everthing has to be all violence. Don't let this show be cancelled.
  • #1 show out there

    Love this show hate the reality stuff. Keep it on its a good show.
  • Good show - bound to get cancelled

    Seems like all a show has to do to get cancelled these days is to be consistently good, interesting, unpredictable and to ask the audience to think once in a while. Body of proof scores on all of these categories so I'm sure there will be no season three. Meanwhile "Real Housewives of Tulsa" is a definite and "Greatest Transvestite Looser" are definitely going to go for a tenth season. And the networks cant figure out why people aren't watching TV as much anymore?
  • Love it!!!!!

    The show is amazing and I really hope there is a season 3! Loved Going Viral both parts. It brought out the best in the show!
  • Body of Proof

    I love this show and am really hoping it gets renewed, I really do like the "Going Viral Part One" episode, and can't wait for Part 2 to come out next week. Great show, really should be renewed.
  • Dani and Peter characters dating is a turn-off. It makes the show very transparent

    I think it is a big mistake on ABC's part to putt Dani and Peter characters dating. It absolutely makes me sick. I can't stand Dani's character, wanting to have sex with every male. Since Peter and Dani are both sluts, I realize that they are trying to make their relationship a meaningful one. Firstly, they look horrible together, and I want to turn the tv off when I see them making-out. I absolutely love the show. And it's even getting better. What spoils it is the Dani character. She has no purpose and I will be very disappointed if she continues to date and get serious about Peter. I thought sh would be much better dating Dr. Ethan Gross or remove her from the show. She serves no purpose. Peter should date Dr. Megan Hunt if he has to have a love interest. Nathalie Kelley is a very good actress but her character is not right for the show.

  • Iabsolutely love this show!I cant get enough!I hope it is on air for a very long time! There are very good actors in this show! I am going into the medical field and I absolutely love all the medical talk, and the interesting cases they have on here!


    This show is very interesting to me, not only are they solving cases, but they also show care for the ones that have died. I love all of the medical talk on this show, it really engages my interest even more into the medical field. I would and have recommended this show to many people because it is a show that goes beyond entertainment, it engages its viewers and makes them really think about what is going on.

  • Terrific - good cases, nice humor and a very talented female lead

    I am really enjoying the program so far (three episodes). I've seen and heard a lot of put down abo0ut it being a repackaged House or Quincy. I loved Quincy (I'm 'of that age' :D) and House has been a huge hit, so what's wrong with that?

    Dana Delany is a wonderful actress and her character has a lovely blend of humor, a strong work ethic, love for her daughter and a deep respect for the souls of the bodies that come to her. The idea that each life has a story to tell is lovely and in our day and age, I think if we stopped more often to listen to parts of each others' stories and share some our own, we would see that we are not that different after all.

    It's the heart to heart contact that we have with each other that is one of the best parts of life and Megan is learning that.

    I'd rather not compare Body of Proof to what has gone before, but enjoy it on it's own as a fun way to spend an hour and leave with something to think about - and looking forward to the next installment.
  • Lack of judgement...


    on my part for watching 'til now this show:

    I watched mostly for Dana Delany (didn't watch DH, but I liked her Castle stint). I was hoping for an improvement, like the show finding its footing over time. The first season was nothing incredible (god, Delany scenes as a mother figures, yew. This goes for all emotional scenes of the show. About the daughter thing I found hard to believe a judge would find the mother at fault for having a successfull career (and by the way doesn't seem like the husband is that much time to give her). other characters are pretty easy to forget. Against my better judgement I kept watching after the first few episodes, next time I'll follow my gut. what else? the detective are nearly useless. The character of Meghan while fore and centre is without depth (her problems who should make her interesting, fail to do so) and annoying (and she has the diplomacy of a rolling boulder down a slope).

    And how to forget the costant nagging about the boss dating the ex-husband (or how Ryan's character costantly wanted to make things "clear"). unbearable.

  • No more for me.


    Just took this show off TIVO. The lead's smirking just got old and I couldn't enjoy it anymore. She was too one-dimensional. Some of the other characters could have been interesting if we knew more about them and the show was more of an ensemble.

  • Formula crime drama with nothing new to offer.

    Well, autopsies and forensics have been all the rage in crime dramas in recent years, and I knew this was going to happen sooner or later, and it's happened in the guise of the new forensics drama series Body of Proof. This show is about as formula as you can get. And oh features autopsies. This show lacks the originality of many of it's predecessors and had very little that could be considered new or fresh to add to the genre. Hackneyed and lame, it took an effort for me to continue watching to the end of the show. Dissapointing, I'm afraid.
  • A re-branded show.

    A nice ensemble put together that features Dana Delany with Jeri Ryan. This will be a nice addition to the ABC lineup. This show has a great cast, nice writing and fascinating stories. But,…
    Here we have another medical drama that features a doctor with a health problem, needs an attitude adjustment, has little to no friends, a social outcast, loves to solve puzzles and goes to the extremes to get the answers. Not to mention the contentious relationship with the ex-spouse. Sound familiar? Yes, this is the female version of House M.D.. The show should just be called House M.E..
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