Body of Proof

ABC (ended 2013)





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  • Just watched my last episode.

    I had really liked this show in the past, but no longer.

    The attitude, crankiness and the constant berating of others has really turned me off. Not sure if Midol or divorce would help, but the stupid attitudes distract too much from the show itself. She now reminds me of some women I avoid in real life.

    I agree with what others have said too. They removed Peter, a well liked character. I also liked Mark Valley in Human target. What a great cast they had. I fell in love with Janet :). But bringing Mark into this show is not enough to make up for such a terrible character as Delaney portrays. Gawd I hope she isn't like that in real life.

    Anyway I'd rather see Mark Valleys show in re-runs or him go off and make another one, than to suffer through this again. It's jumped the shark as far as I'm concerned.

    There are too many better options to watch, or shows that I missed and want to ketchup on.

    I'm done with this one.