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  • Allow Megan Hunt to have some humanity

    It's ok for your characters to deal in emotion, to react truthfully, honestly and with heartfelt emotions to death and the dying. The changes in the 3rd season have brought this show all to eerily into the tv realm of any of the CSI franchise shows or Fringe, where the characters see almost immune to what is going on around them and how it is effecting them internally. Megan has lost that touch of humanity that had you routing for her, even when she was terrorizing everyone around her in season 1 & 2. You could she how she was driven by the upset of her life changes - the lost of her career and daughter. This seems to have been totally forgotten in season 3. Watching her transformation, fate forcing her to take a better look at her life and priorities and again, acting with humanity was what got me and kept me with this show. I mean, Peter just died and there has been little or no attention given to how she is dealing with it, except ignoring it, I guess. Writers of Body of Proof, take up the challenge of exploring the nuances of your characters that you so carefully crafted in the frist two seasons. ABC Producers, execs, etc. - the rejigging of this show leaves me cold and saddened that you can't stand by the qualities that made this show great because you don't feel that this gives you the ratings you want to see. Believe in your product. Don't jump ship so quickly. I know this this isn't how the tv world works, but man, I sure wish it did.
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