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  • Rabies show

    No one expects a TV medical drama to be completely accurate, but to portray humans with rabies as violently aggressive is ridiculous. What kind of expert consultants do you have chiropractors ? Early-stage symptoms of rabies in humans may be malaise, headache and fever; signs consistent with meningitis, or encephalitis, sometimes progressing to pain, violent movements, uncontrolled excitement, depression, and hydrophobia or quickly become comatose.. By the time a person shows, if they do, periods of mania, they are incapitated enough they aren't walking from place to place. Many case of rabies in humans (and in animals ) are misdiagnosed because they do not present like a wild animal, chasing down and attacking other mammals-- but have unusual, subtle but progressive central nervous system signs . The tranmission of rabies virus thru solid organ, non-neurologic tissue transplantation has happened from (I think ) 4 donor cases affecting maybe 12-14 people, just in the last 10 years- and is not well understood, because organs have no nerve tissue. The donors, were in each case showing signs of encephalitis, but didnt appear "rabid".