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MTV - Music Television (ended 2005)


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Boiling Points

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MTV sends out professional agitators to annoy people. If you keep your cool after your given time is up you get A COOL 100 BUCKS If you don't you get publicly humiliated on national TV.
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  • just found out about this awesome show

    I wish they would bring it back i mean this and punkd is all what mtv was about (after they stopped with the only music thing).

    thing is i can't find whole episodes anywhere to watch i mean nowhere.. it's like internet has almost nothing on it except from sketches on youtube
  • I enjoyed this show for time to time, but I didn't really expect for it to get cancelled in just a year's passing.

    This show was at times fun to watch. I enjoyed the people that seemed like they were just about to lose it at times. The show had a simple plotline to it, which I enjoyed. I tend to lose track of shows that have too much depth to them.

    I throughly enjoyed this show, but was disappointed to see it off the air so soon. At times, in my own way of thinking, it could get midly irritating, but it was a decent show, one I could watch without thinking, "I could be doing something better right now." or anything of that sort. Though it has ended, and for quite some time now, I would like it if they brought it back. Nowadays, I don't even see reruns of it anymore. But thus, it was a good show, worthy of my praise.moreless
  • This show is awsome

    I remember I used to watch this show a lot. Still I watch it sometimes on mtv but they should renew the season. This show is so funny, when they get mad and start arguing and cursing. I remember when that fat guy was sitting on the car of the person in the resturant. Damn, they got mad as hell and some of them called the cops. The other one is when that women was playing a clerk and when they were buying the stuff at the supermarket. She was talking to them and another person on a phone. They got so mad. All I have to say is to bring this show back. Overall: 9.5/10moreless
  • this show can be pretty entertaining when you're in the mood.

    i must admit, watching people get angry can be very entertaining. people set up cameras, and get actors and actresses, do little everyday things that make people mad, juiced up a bit, and give them money when they dont explode, or curse depending on what annoyance they have to endure.

    some of the people i find are very patient. situations that i would be done with or walk away from in less than five minutes, people just sit there for ten and fifteen and soemtimes even longer and try to negotiate or comprehend whatever is going on. the money the win, im sure makes up for the stress they had to endure.moreless
  • i love irritating people

    i love irritating people i love doing it my self so when this came out i was like oh yeah it is the funniest reality show ever and im mad they took it off i didn't even know! ut i just saw one where the guy bought something for $5 and he took it out all these pennies and nickels and started to count it was sooo funny!!! and their was alot of people behind him and they was gettin mad and then when he was done he came up short!! i was like omg!!! and then the lady gave him the change he neede and then when he tryed to shove it all in his hand almost all of it fell out i was rollin. that was sooo funny thats why i like the show they need to let it come back on!moreless

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Comedy, Game Show, Reality


low brow humor, candid camera, sight gags galore, hilarious pranks, outrageous situations