Boiling Points

MTV - Music Television (ended 2005)


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Episode Guide

  • Season 2
    • Stop Hitting Yourself
      A man in a cafe keeps hitting another cafe patron on the side of his face with his own hand.
    • All About Food
      All About Food
      Episode 3
      Customers at a restaurant get paper on their food from a popped balloon and have 7 minutes to not loose their cool. A blind date turns creepy when the girl becomes "very friendly" with her cousin and the guys have to keep calm for 12 minutes. A man tries to make a purchase using change with the other customers needing to keep their cool for 14 minutes. Restaurant customers have their reservation hijacks and must keep cool for 11 minutes. A man annoys people sitting on a bench. Lastly, an irritating man double books a limo.moreless
    • Bikini Wax
      Bikini Wax
      Episode 2
      A worker in a tanning salon sees how far they can push women after botching their bikini wax jobs.
    • The Umbrellas
      The Umbrellas
      Episode 1
      A man sells broken umbrellas to unsuspecting people on the street during a rainstorm.
  • Season 1