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AIRED ON 7/17/2015

Season 2 : Episode 12

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20 years after starring in a cheesy 90's sitcom, horse actor BoJack Horseman decides to clean up his bad lifestyle and regain his stardom.


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    • It feels real

      This show stacks jokes on top of jokes and succeeds in entertaining, but when things get serious it feels real. Bojack is created into a character that we can easily identify with, this is because the problems he faces (although brought up to an extreme comedic level) are problems that everyone comes across in life. It can be depressing at times, but these lows make the funny parts seem even higher. Two amazing seasons behind me and I hope for more to come.moreless
    • This show is pretty damn good, it just is!

      The humor is so fresh, i just love it. Bojack himself is a understandable character and has a very realistic real life personality. he can have a lonely sad bachelor personality a bit much though, but it doesn't hinder the shows funny ass humor that comes with it. I recommend it to Netflix viewers who are in the cartoon watching genre.
    • Sugarcoating

      BoJack Horseman has none of it. This isn't a happy show. I don't know if it will make you feel better or worse about yourself. For me, it did both. BoJack Horseman is brilliantly written, containing clever (and often brutal) social commentary and characters whose lives aren't really much better than our own.

      Season one has a rocky start, but becomes more serious and quality about halfway in. Season two is consistently great all the way through. This show isn't about dodging the sad realities, it's about confronting them, and how all too frequently we avoid addressing what's important. It's about dissolving the sugarcoat. If you're not into that, look away. That's pretty much what's expected.moreless
    • Episode 6 Higher love

      Very impressed with season 2 , not sure if this show will have the same longevity with a mass audience ( as other popular cartoons) given it is a little heavy and philosophical , but that makes the show for me.

    • It was good until Episode 8 onwards.

      At first the show was actually funny; it had great humor, likable characters and a simple premise. Then Episode 8 happened and the show went down hill from there and it never got better. I was really hoping Season 2 would redeem the show, but after seeing the first episode, my hopes were dashed. The characters are now intolerable, the jokes aren't funny any more and it's overall depressing. In every episode they constantly phone in the theme that "life sucks, deal with it;" the problem is life doesn't have to suck all the time. Also, this is supposed to be a cartoon, it's supposed to make fun of life, not remind the audience of how harsh it is; that's why I praise shows like SpongeBob, Steven Universe, Uncle Grandpa, Looney Tunes and Tom and Jerry. Don't watch this show, Netflix has other original content that are far better than this; I used to support BoJack Horseman, but after episode 8, I only wish it would die.moreless

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