Bokurano - Season 1

Tokyo MX (ended 2007)


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  • The Story
    The Story
    Episode 24
    Jun Ushiro has been chosen as the 15th pilot and Jun decides to tell his Dad the truth about the whole thing. After this Jun spends the remaining time, before the battle, with Kana and his Dad. The final fight for Earth begins but will he win?
  • Snowscape
    Episode 23
    Jun has made his decide to right by Kana and not become the next successor however Dung Beetle won't accept this. So Jun and Machi make up their mind to finally put an end to him. All United Air Force have gathered in Tokyo and Kanagawa regions, as the government plan use the Zearth program to lure the behemoths but Sasami and Katsuragi have their doubts.moreless
  • Journey
    Episode 22
    Following Kanji's battle, Dung Beetle privately offers Jun the position of the successor but in return Kanna must enter the contract. Jun is at a loss of what to do, so he and Kana return to their hometown and surprisingly Jun brings Machi along with them. Jun reminisces of the past.moreless
  • The Truth
    The Truth
    Episode 21
    Kanji Yoshikawa has been chosen as the 13th pilot and knowing that he's going to die he asks Tamotsu for a very difficult last request. This time the opponent appears right in front of Chutenro Tower however something different than usual occurs this time.
  • Doom
    Episode 20
    After what Kanji saw during the last battle his Mom is trying to figure out a way to access these so called masterminds, but they soon learn how hopeless it is. Upon being questioned by Masamitsu Seki, Youko Machi makes up her mind to reveal all that she knows to them.moreless
  • Mother
    Episode 19
    Ever since Misumi Tanaka's death, Jun has been fairly depressed and before he could take it out on Kana, Tamotsu arrives and offers to take him out for the day. During that time he begins to tell Jun about his time with his boss Hasuki Ichiro and he ends up revealing the truth, to Jun, about his parents.moreless
  • Reality
    Episode 18
    Takami Komoda is chosen as the 12th pilot, but this may have come at a bad time because now her family is having some troubles and her father is forced to resign as Councilor. During his last public announcement Kouichi Komoda decides to reveal the entire truth surrounding Zearth, but this decision may end up badly for him.moreless
  • Affection
    Episode 17
    Late at night Kouichi Komoda's house is set ablaze, which is likely to be a direct attack on the claims he made about the Zearth Report. The truth about the person who isn't contracted, has been revealed, Machi and Dung Beetle are discussing how the futures battles will proceed. Aiko Tokosumi was also chosen as the 11th pilot and the time for her battle draws near.moreless
  • Truth
    Episode 16
    There's a National Diet Conference meeting underway and Kouichi Komoda is doing what he promised Tanaka, by bringing up the issue of Zearth. Meanwhile Yosuke Kirie is with his mother in the hospital, when out of the blue his dad returns but Kirie doesn't seem too happy about it. Kirie was able to win the previous battle without using his lifeforce but he will still be forced into the next fight, but at least he has found his resolve.moreless
  • Self-Destruction
    Episode 15
    At the Cognitive Robotics Research Institute, Kirie is being implanted with a chip; elsewhere Tanaka is giving Mr. Komoda the Zearth report that could shake the foundations of society. Meanwhile the leader of the Hobashiri Group decides the send Tamotsu, to help Tanaka and her son. Jun goes to visit Yosuke Kirie, who's the 10th pilot.moreless
  • Perplexity
    Episode 14
    On their way to Tanaka's place, the girls are attacked by some suspicious men but luckily Tanaka was there to fend them off. However soon afterwards Katsuragi returns, with some preposterous suggestions, on what to do about the children. Tanaka goes to the Hobashiri Group that she was a part of to find out what the National Defence Force Military is planning. Tanaka later plans to leak the information but first she wants to use the Cognitive Robotics Research Institute in order to save the remaining children.moreless
  • The Earth
    The Earth
    Episode 13
    The time for Maki Ano's battle has come however something is different about the situation, as they are attacked by unfamiliar fighter jets. Dung Beetle reveals to them they are on a different Earth in a world parallel to their own. The truths behind these countless battles are revealed but what will they do from now on?moreless
  • Blood Relative
    Blood Relative
    Episode 12
    Maki Ano is spending the day out with Tanaka and she's happy for her mother, who's due to give birth to her little brother in 2 weeks. However now that she has been chosen as the 9th pilot, the only thing she's afraid of is being forced into a battle before she has a chance to see her newborn, baby brother.moreless
  • Life
    Episode 11
    Kunihiko Moji is with Tsubasa visiting his friend Nagi, in the hospital, who is currently on the donor waiting list. Moji has been friends with Tsubasa and Nagi since the time they spent together in an orphanage. Now that Moji has been chosen as the 8th pilot he asks Dung Beetle for a favor, so that his death can help his friend.moreless
  • Companion
    Episode 10
    Right after Daiichi's battle, Mako Nakarai has been chosen as the 7th pilot. Mako is girl who's always been bullied by her classmates because of what her mother did for living. In the end Mako decides to do the same thing her mother did but it works out for the better, in the end.moreless
  • Family
    Episode 9
    It is back to normal life as usual for Daiichi Yamura, who has been working for his uncle's small newspaper company, ever since his father disappeared 3 years ago. However Daiichi has something else to worry about, now that he's been chosen as the 6th pilot. So he wants to spend as much of his remaining time with his siblings.moreless
  • Vengeance
    Episode 8
    Chizuru Honda has been chosen as the new 4th pilot and she has no problem with piloting Zearth, because it's to atone for her sin. However destroying the monster is not the first thing on her mind, as she returns to her hometown to take revenge on a certain someone. Will Chizuru be able to act upon her revenge before the inevitable end?moreless
  • Wound
    Episode 7
    With Isao Kako now dead before being able to pilot Zearth a new pilot must be chosen. Chizuru's relationship with her teacher Hatagai is revealed, which began when she wanted to apply for a private middle school.
  • Lust
    Episode 6
    Isao Kako has been chosen as the 4th pilot. Elsewhere the National Defence Force Military are going over their findings, taken during the investigation on the robot. Some of the kids are also looking for Isao Kako but cannot seem to find him. However Chizuru later finds him in Suzugamori Aquarium but by then the monster starts to appear.moreless
  • Weakness
    Episode 5
    After Masaru's battle, the kids finally learn of the hopeless situation they have gotten themselves into, so all they can do it live their remaining life to the fullest. Meanwhile there's an emergency conference about the appearances of the "black behemoth", then later the kids are taken in, by the National Defence Force Military to investigate the matter.moreless
  • Strength
    Episode 4
    Masaru Kodaka has been chosen as the 3rd pilot but before he is forced to fight he goes to visit the father he admires so much, who is currently trying to get a deal on the land of the destroyed mountain. Masaru's time to fight soon comes and it ends up being in the middle of the city.moreless
  • Secret
    Episode 3
    With last night's robot battle becoming public knowledge, the kids are brought in for questioning about and about Takashi Waku's accidental death. Beforehand the kids had already planned to reveal nothing to the police, about what happened, Tamaki Komoda reveals the truth to her father. The day for Takashi Waku's funeral comes and Moji invites everyone.moreless
  • Zearth
    Episode 2
    It's the day following the earthquake incident, but in fact it was the cause of the robot battle Kokopelli took part in. The kids are trying to maintain the normality of their lives in front of adults but they are struggling to come to a decision on what to do next, because some are having second thoughts of the game. But then a floating being called Dung Beetle appears and teleports them to the cockpit of the mecha, which the group later dubs "Zearth".moreless
  • Game
    Episode 1
    On Mitomo Island, 15 middle school kids go on a nature observation trip to the beach. After getting bored with the beach the group decides to explore a weird cave and it's then that they find a man who calls himself Kokopelli. He tells them that he's made a game and he wants them to test it for him, but there seems to be more to this game.moreless