Bokusatsu Tenshi Dokuro-chan

SKY (ended 2007)


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Bokusatsu Tenshi Dokuro-chan

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In the future, a man named Sakura is destined to create the technology for eternal life, which God refuses to allow by sending his angels to the past to kill Sakura before he create this technology. One angel, Dokuro-chan, decides to try to change the future without killing him. However, with Dokuro’s temper being quite fierce, she is constantly killing Sakura and lots of other people too in incredibly bloody ways with her giant spiked club. Fortunately she can bring people back to life - if only to gruesomely kill them again the next time she loses her temper.
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  • hey iv seen the shows on youtube but when do they show them like what time diring the day like what chanle and all o and i live in WA state so if you could tell me what time there then thx. plz make it to were its not in spanich eany more plz its wierd ddmoreless

    i love it but never seen it on tv dont know what chanle or what time its on in wa if it even is i watxh it on youtube. can someone tell me what time it is on were i live if it even chows here and if it dosent can you tell me a wab site that has them all that would be verryu great thx. and whewns naruto on no to because i know thers one like on saterday or friday or somthing thats a spetial ep. thats new now or something like that r maby its a diff. show its on like at 9:00 and i cant wait tell they make more but what they could do siff. is like make it like narutpo were it just keeps going not diff. sens like on there in hoover town next there in the house just likew they show it all and if they finaly mad it to wree its not spanich inglich i can understand japaneese a little but now much.moreless
  • Very funny and perverted.

    This anime is about a young boy and an angel from the future who constantly gets him into trouble and kills him violently and repeatedly with a giant spiked club, only to resurrect him seconds later. It has more of a plot than this, but if I continued it would spoil the anime. Anyway it is one of the best I've seen, it is funny because of the constant blood and the main reason for that is dokuro keep bashing his brain in for being perverted or just for fun. Dokuro often cockteases him and make him in all sort of embrassment, because usually the whole class see he's either in bed with him or getting together in a wrong way. Anyway is recommended to anyone who laughs at people in pain and like a constant perverted scenes.moreless
  • One word: wow.

    This anime, in my opinion, was kind of a random choice for me to watch, but I saw some stuff on Youtube, so I felt like watching the series. It was pretty short, and I did not mind that at all. The plot was really strange (a boy creating a pedophile's world, that's kind of messed up) and it just seemed as an excuse for all of the blood. The show itself was okay, but it did not make sense at all and it was stupid. A lot of shows make no sense, are stupid, and are good, but this anime did not get there. It was relatively close to that kind of achievement, but the writing could have been a little better.moreless