Bomb Girls

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Episode Guide

  • Season 2
    • Blood Relations
      Blood Relations
      Episode 12

      Kate receives a visit from her mother as her wedding approaches. Kate and Betty are questioned in regards to Kate's father's death. Lorna worries about their fate and tries to help. Ivan learns the reality of Kate's situation and identity. Betty expresses her love for Kate.

    • Kings and Pawns
      Kings and Pawns
      Episode 11

      Marco's situation begins to affect his coworkers, and Frankie tells him of his next plan. Clifford Perry is convinced of his guilt and wants to arrest him, as Gladys tries to convince him otherwise. Kate gets help planning her wedding, and Ivan goes behind her back to contact her brothers.

    • Romeo Foxtrot
      Romeo Foxtrot
      Episode 10

      Vera gets upset when she thinks Gladys is romantically interested in Marco. She doesn't know that Gladys is trying to obtain information as part of Clifford Perry's plan. Marco gets caught up with a bad crowd that uses crime to prove themselves. Lorna takes dance lessons. Ivan announces his and Kate's wedding engagement. Betty gets bad news about Teresa.

    • Something Fierce
      Something Fierce
      Episode 9

      A female journalist (guest star Rosie O'Donnell) comes to feature the important roles of women in the war effort, challenging Lorna with a new point of view. Gladys accompanies Betty to visits with a banker when Betty decides to buy a house. Vera helps Kate when she auditions as a burlesque dancer.

    • Fifth Column
      Fifth Column
      Episode 8

      On a night out, Gladys becomes suspicious of a woman who asks too many questions. She encounters a mysterious man who she later learns is Clifford Perry. Lorna asks Kate to volunteer at the hospital to help soldiers. Meanwhile, Shelia feels uncomfortable with her mother watching her. Betty and Teresa encounter men who don't approve of their closeness.

    • Party Line
      Party Line
      Episode 7

      Betty re-encounters Teresa Hill, the Bond girl. Lorna and Bob fear for the worst when their other son, Stanley, goes missing in battle. Gladys and Vera try to figure out the truth when Marco is implicated for taking missing explosives.

    • Where There's Smoke

      Kate gets closer to Ivan as Betty meets female soldier Teresa, which challenges their friendship. Lorna realizes that something is wrong with Gene, but she and Bob have trouble dealing with him. Marco gets an offer, and Gladys receives devastating news.

    • The Harder We Fight

      Betty distrusts Reggie, a new girl at the factory, and the two get into a fight. Vera and Carol compete for an open office manager position. Lorna and Mrs. Witham both disapprove when Gene pursues Gladys, and the two take a perilous ride. Ivan becomes interested in Kate.

    • Guests of Honor
      Guests of Honor
      Episode 4

      Lorna is ecstatic when her son Eugene returns from the war, but Sheila senses something wrong and gets upset with her mother's obliviousness. Vera attends one of Carol's parties and they try to put aside their differences. One of the girls is caught in a dangerous situation with an escaped POW.

    • The Enemy Within
      The Enemy Within
      Episode 3

      When Marco's father is held at an internment camp, Gladys brings Marco and his mother in an attempt to get him set free; however, the trip does not go as planned. Kate falls into depression and Leon gives Betty advice to help them both. Lorna attempts to teach life skills to the girls at the factory.

    • Roses Red
      Roses Red
      Episode 2

      Kate worries when a detective's questioning makes her face her father's death. James returns, but reveals to Gladys that he is not as strong and brave as she thinks. Vera meets a soldier on Valentine's Day, and Lorna's pregnancy leads to a fight between Marco and Bob.

    • The Quickening
      The Quickening
      Episode 1

      Gladys returns to Vic Mu, and her parents want her to be featured in an advertisement campaign. Lorna turns to Vera for help for her pregnancy, but her secret eventually gets out. After her months of searching, Betty successfully tracks down Kate, but they both have to deal with Kate's father.

  • Season 1