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As seen on PBS stations around the US comes a new "living history" series reliving the early days of World War II. Using a unique blend of living history elements, CGI, first-person interviews and never-before-seen W.W.II footage. This dramatic four-part documentary series"Bomber Boys: The Fighting Lancaster" follows a new generation of "Bomber Boys" as they train to become a Lancaster Bomber crew. Episode one introduces the new recruits. All are descendants of British, Australian, American and Canadian airmen, and while these new recruits struggle to come to terms with 1940s discipline and values. The new recurits are broken up into two flight crews testing themselves against the original training regime of the British Commonwealth Air Training Plan. Up at dawn, marching, saluting, cleaning, polishing, in classrooms and period planes, struggling to see whether they are the men their grandfathers once were.moreless
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