Bomberman Jetters

(ended 2003)


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Bomberman Jetters

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The endless spreads through the humongous space. In the far out space, there are people obsessed with greed. Once again, they're thinking of something bad. Surrounded by a beautiful ocean, Planet Jetter`s capitol Bay Bay Town is a multi-ethnic group town with immigrants from many countries. White Bomber is one of the members of the Jetterz which bases here. White Bomber is from "Planet Bomber", but in his planet, chosen individuals with kindness and courage have various skills to manipulate a "Bomb" and is called a "Bomberman". White Bomber is still weak and has many things to learn, but he takes after his older brother Mighty`s will of by continuing their Jetterz work while also confronting the Space Stealing Group, the Higehige-dan lead by Bagura. Opening Theme (Episodes 1-42) "Boku wa gakeppuchi" by Suwa Hideo Hah! Hah! The bombs are bursting! Hi! Hi! In English, it's fire!! Fuf! Fuf! Let's make more bombs! Hey! Hey! Let's make fires of peace!! Somehow, we're always involved. We're always in a cold sweat. Be prepared already! I'm at the edge of a cliff. (Hah ha~) If I have to, I'll do it, regardless of how many times. Raise the power! (Yes!!) If I don't do it, who else will? I'll live up to your expectations! Three. Two. One. I won't forget this, even when I become an adult. Three. Two. One. As long as you have a passionate heart, you'll be invincible. I am and will be at the edge of a cliff today and tomorrow. Ba! Ba! Babibube bombs! Bi! Bi! Beautiful male fire!! Bu! Bu! What about fractions? Be! Be! I'm learning about fire!!moreless
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  • Good series

    When Pui, an animal who looks just like Rui comes to Planet Bomber, he says he wants to become White Bomber's apprentice! So, since White Bomber lost to Rui at a video game, he's Rui's apprentice for the day. Rui and Pui go head-to-head in three battles to see who will be his apprentice. The third battle is a race, and during it, White Bomber sees a strange man in a coat watching from an alley. White Bomber approaches him, and the man runs, but drops his wallet. So, White Bomber chases after him. They have a talk, and he finds out the man's name is Daibon, and that he his Pui's master. perfectmoreless
  • This is an Awsome Adaption of a classic Video Game Series based on a series of E-rated games by Hudson Soft, I'm a Huge fan of the Bomberman games, and this show made the Franchise ever Better,but sadly, the games failed here in america greatly.moreless

    As I said, this is an awsome show with only 52 episodes, it starts out light hearted in tone like Kirby: right back at ya!, but later it takes a darker approach like in the later seasons of Sonic X.

    for the characters, you Have White Bomber, a young 10 year old Bomberman, than you have a pink haired girl named Shout, than an Orange furball named Bongo, and a Bird Guy with an Attitude named Birdy (Dan green would be perfect for him ^^), and you have Gangu, a loud mouth robot, than you have a proffesor oak rip off named Dr Ein and you have a fat Dr Eggman Rip off in a pro wrestler jumpsuit with an ugly Mustache named Mujo (with barely any character Development) and he's in love with an alien with a Jet for a head named Mama.

    as I said, This anime series is based on a series of Games which they failed miserably here in the states, but this awsome show made it better.

    And 4Kids Better not Claim this Anime,because they already ruined enough video game animes already like F-Zero GP legend, Sonic X and Kirby. Becareful Fans, because Bomberman could be 4Kid\'s next said Victim @_@

    So if you like Bomberman Games, Check this out ^^

    *starts Singing*

    Bomberman, Bomberman, Exploding on to your Tv, Makes a Bomb any size, and he's yours to customize, oh Yeah! he's the awsomre new Bomberman!

    Cross his path, You'll Explode, he's the star of his very own show, The Hige Hige Bandits Causing Trouble, Shout Helps White Bomber on the Double

    Look out, he's Da New Bomberman!moreless
  • Well, in Japan maybe.

    This show is absolutely terrific. It took the idea of Bomberman and made it better with great characters like Jet, Gangu, Bongo and Shout! This isn't your average anime based off of a video game. This is actually better and more interesting than the games. That is why the good companies should hurry up and purchase the rights to it before 4kids claims it! This, like all shows based off of E-rated games, was never intended to be a kiddy show! Don't even think about buying the rights to this show, 4kids! Nobody likes you! But, seriously, this is a great series and I'm now wondering why it hasn't come to America yet.moreless

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