Season 9 Episode 16

A Girl Named George

Aired Saturday 7:30 PM Jan 14, 1968 on NBC

Episode Recap

The Cartwrights are in Virginia City for the trial of a man who killed one of their cowhands. Troxell, the man who supposedly killed the cowhand has a brother who is extremely angry. The killer's brother comes up to the judge and threatens to kill him while Ben is talking to him. The judge dismisses it because it is lunch time and his brother was just sentenced hang.

Joe, Hoss, and Ben are at home, outside talking. Joe feels that something is wrong with him because he doesn't want to travel even though he has some money saved in the bank. A wagon comes up and a girl introduces herself as George and they have come to take pictures of the Cartwrights if they would like. They decide it would be fun and the photographer decides to put in a group shot as a free extra picture. While Enos talks about how the photograph works, George stares at Joe and is obviously quite taken with him. Enos gets his niece George to go back to town for supplies for the pictures and come back the next morning.

Ben and Joe are posed for the picture and everyone is waiting for Hoss. Ben is not too happy when he hears that it is going to take all morning to take all of the pictures. Enos finally takes the picture and they finally get to the group picture. At the same time, Troxell meets the judge and shoots him and walks out slowly as not to be seen.

George spots Troxell on the road. George goes off so Troxell and Enos can talk alone. Troxell gets Enos to take his picture after Enos says that he had the group pictures taken. Troxell wants everything to be ready for the morning and Enos promises that it will be ready. George and Enos are in the wagon heading back towards Virginia City when Enos shows her the money and says she will be going to school back East. She isn't very happy about this, but doesn't put up too much of a fight.

Troxell is on trial for the murder of Judge Nealy and it is figured that the murder took place a little after noon. Troxell claims he was at the Ponderosa and there is proof to show he was there. They all head over to the photo shop and Enos Blessing shows the photo to the judge and it seems that Troxell was at the Ponderosa and the case is closed. Ben is astonished at the way the trial went and doesn't know exactly what to think. He can't remember Troxell being there. Troxell stands up to leave the photo shop and thanks Ben for his alibi before he walks out.

Hoss and Joe are looking through the photos and Joe remarks that he still thinks Troxell is guilty. Hoss says that it is impossible. Ben comes over and talks reason to his sons, but Joe still seems to want to grill every gunman that Troxell might have hired. Candy comes in to see the group photograph and is looking at it and remarks that Troxell's shadow is going to wrong way. Everyone else's shadows are facing the other way. Candy tells them how he had gotten a picture taken and the man who exposed it had accidentally done a double exposure where two pictures were put on a single picture. Ben remarks that it could be that Troxell made Blessing make a double exposure picture on purpose to provide Troxell with an alibi so he could shoot Judge Neely. Ben thinks it would be a good idea to go to Blessing and see if he will help the Cartwrights nab Troxell and head out to find him.

Ben walks into Blessing's studio and find George there doing some work, but Enos is not in. He is actually at the Carson City cut-off and would be back later. Joe mentions Candy's double exposure back in St. Louis, but George said that her Uncle Enos could never make a mistake such as the one a beginner would make. The Cartwrights go on to do some more investigating while Candy stays to watch the studio. Troxell walks into the studio and she tells Troxell about the double exposure happening to Candy and he catches on to the fact that they have an idea of what might have happened with the photograph. Candy is about to follow Troxell, but a drunk named Roscoe keeps him occupied for too long and Troxell gets away.

Troxell meets Enos Blessing at the Carson City cut-off where he is doing some pictures of the scenery. Enos asks what Troxell is doing there. Troxell says that the Cartwrights are after Enos and Troxell says he is worried that Enos will talk so he shoots him. At the moment Troxell shoots Enos, Enos pulls the camera's button and a picture is taken. The Cartwrights get to Enos to find him dead.

George is extremely upset and Ben comes to talk to her. He finds her in the studio and he gives her a hug. She happens to be exposing the film from the day that Enos had died. They see that the film is coming out and she sees who killed her Uncle since the picture was taken at the same time he was shot. Ben takes the photo over to Troxell's office with the photograph in his hand. Troxell throws a statue at Ben and runs out of the office. Ben follows him, but is a bit behind. Troxell is lassoed by Ben and falls off of his horse. They happen to be at the cemetery right outside of town. They fight and Troxell falls right at the grave of his brother...just as the late Judge Neely had predicted before his murder.

George and the boys say their farewells. The stage rolls out of Virginia City as the wave goodbye to each other.