Season 4 Episode 4

A Hot Day for a Hanging

Aired Saturday 7:30 PM Oct 14, 1962 on NBC

Episode Recap

Hoss, carrying $12,000 in gold, arrives in a town where outlaws have just killed a man and robbed the bank. He becomes a suspect and is arrested. The ineffectual sheriff (Denver Pyle)promises to send a telegram to Ben to confirm Hoss's identity, but is pressured by the town folks who want the stolen money replaced.
The sheriff and town folks go back and forth arguing his guilt, with the wife of the murdered man demanding justice and revenge for her husband, while the banker tries to convince the mob that they should wait and let justice prevail.
Finally, Ben arrives just in time, but has his pleas ignored by the sheriff. Just then a lynch mob, noose in hand, approaches the jail and pressures the sheriff into letting them take Hoss, knocking Ben unconscious in the process.
Just as the mob is preparing to put the noose on Hoss, a shot rings out that comes from Ben who offers to let the town keep all the money in the sheriff's safe if they give him one more day to prove Hoss's innocence. The half crazed wife of the murdered man grabs a rifle and attempts to shoot Hoss, but hits the local banker who steps in the way. The mob leader changes his mind and the mob breaks up, apologizing to Ben and Hoss.
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