Season 1 Episode 23

Desert Justice

Aired Saturday 7:30 PM Feb 20, 1960 on NBC

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  • Desert Justice eh? Where is the justice?! Why did I sit through this episode?

    I must say, this episode really disappointed me. I class it next to the other disappointments like Dark Star. Although I can't fault it for being out of character, it became kind of ploddy in parts. It does seem like quite a stock storyline in the Bonanza world (friend of Cartwrights/Cartwrights themselves is unjustly accused of a crime), but the only high part in this episode came from the "twist" that the Marshall was actually good and the Cartwrights were just sorely mistaken about him. (Okay, maybe not *that* great a twist, but I was tired when I watched it...) Other than that, the ploddiness seemed unforgiveable, and what really annoyed me was the girl - Andrea. Although she served some purpose in the end, it *did* just seem as though the writers just wanted some female eye candy in the episode. Her only purpose to me was to annoy me to no end. I *don't* recommend this episode over others ( is very very VERY marginally better than Dark Star...god, I hated that episode); I'm pretty sure the writers/directors were having an off day with this ep.