Season 10 Episode 1

Different Pines, Same Wind

Aired Saturday 7:30 PM Sep 15, 1968 on NBC

Episode Recap

The Cartwrights become concerned when they learn that Jason Milburn, a ruthless timber baron, plans to lay claim to land that has not already filed for. They fear that there may be people living there who would be forced off by the ruthless lumber baron.

While Little Joe is scouting the land, an old recluse of a woman shoots at the young Cartwright since he's "trespassing" on her land. Meet Carrie Pickett, a widowed mountain woman with a face as wrinkled as a prune and an attitude to match. Carrie has lived on her land for many years but neither she nor her now-deceased husband ever filed for the parcel as required by law.

Joe tries to explain the law to the stubborn, headstrong Carrie and that Milburn, who is also aware the woman has not filed her land claim, will try to file first. But even though she wants to stay, Joe is frustrated that he cannot get through to her that she needs to sign or Milburn will, as he has with all the other land parcels without legal owners.

It doesn't help that Carrie is also suffering from an infected wound on her right hand that has grown serious. Carrie will not allow Joe to take her into town to seek medical attention or to sign for the land, and uses a variety of tricks to keep Joe from leaving. Later, Carrie develops a fever and collapses; Joe thinks she's faking at first but when he realizes she really has passed out, he leaves to get a doctor.

At the saloon, Joe asks for a doctor. Milburn and his henchmen overhear the conversation and, not revealing their identities, point out the doctor. The doctor, who works for Milburn, hasn't practiced medicine in many years and is unsure of himself, but Joe is able to persuade him to help save Carrie's life and at least try to heal the wound.

The doctor performs a successful surgery on Carrie's hand and, in the process, discovers he still has a passion for medicine. After admitting he works for Milburn, the doctor warns Joe that Milburn and his foremen will soon be on their way.

Sure enough, Milburn arrives to negotiate with Carrie, who remains in a fever and is resting. Joe goes out to speak for his new friend, rebuking Milburn's offer to pay for medical help for Carrie. Milburn, of course, refuses to leave and his henchmen arrive to beat up Joe. The doctor tells Milburn to leave, but they quickly subdue him, too.

Her fever having broken, Carrie comes out to declare she has laid claim to the land. But Milburn overtakes her, too, and promptly pockets her signed claim (presumably to destroy it).

Ben and Hoss arrive with the land bureau chief to even the odds. Once Joe removes the claim form from Milburn's pocket and gives it to the land bureau chief, he tells Milburn, "Like I told you before, get off this property." This time, Milburn and his foremen comply.

In the tag, a grateful Carrie thanks Joe for his assistance. Joe, wishing he were 20 years older after Carrie decides she wants to be 20 years younger, lets on, "You're stubborn and cantankerous...and they just ain't making girls into women like that no more. I know, I've looked!"