Season 1 Episode 16

El Toro Grande

Aired Saturday 7:30 PM Jan 02, 1960 on NBC

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  • Worth watching just to see Hoss kill the bear!

    Another Hoss and Joe episode...were Roberts and Greene on vacation? Still, the episode has a lot going on, although a bit lightweight.

    Joe has a great fencing scene, and it's obvious that Landon was trained to use the sword. It's rare to think of Landon as an action star, but he's got all of the moves here. Speaking of moves, another young lady almost meets a tragic end by falling for Joe, but it doesn't get serious enough and she avoids the Cartwright curse.

    Hoss has a great moment when he faces off with a hungry bear. His gun fails, so he has to wrestle the beast with his bare hands and finish it off with a rock. Even Daniel Boone had to use a knife, but Hoss manages to get it done with only a scratch on his arm to show for it. Great stuff!

    Another fine scene occurs when the Mexican talks about the Chupacabra around the campfire...fortunately, everyone gets to rest easy after the Mexican explains that he doesn't believe that a bird can actually milk a goat. Does Art Bell know this?

    So, the Cartwrights pay $10,000 for a bull, and $500 for the cart to transport it...but they get a family of Mexicans to go with it--what a bargain! Say, whatever happened to those Mexicans, anyway? They moved onto the Ponderosa and seemed to have just disappeared! Chupacabra maybe?

    All in all, an entertaining episode, and should be seen just for the Hoss vs. bear match.