Season 1 Episode 25

Escape to Ponderosa

Aired Saturday 7:30 PM Mar 05, 1960 on NBC

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  • Error involving coat an escapee is wearing

    Good episode w nice Adam whump but did anyone notice after Adam is bushwhacked and returns to the Ponderosa minus his coat - that in the very next scene showing the escapees, you can see one prisoner obviously wearing Adam's yellow coat (notice it also has large flaps over the front pockets) - but then within seconds, that same prisoner is now shown wearing an ugly, drab green coat that is thinner material and has no flaps on the pockets at all! It bugs me cz it is so obvious!

    Does anyone else see it? It's almost like producers changed their mind mid-scene and made it look like some Army coat. But none of them were wearing a coat before attacking Adam. My only other criticism is regarding the escapees girlfriend's terrible makeup job! Hands down the worst eyebrows I have ever seen! They were way too dark for her coloring and to huge for her beautiful petite little face. :-)