Season 14 Episode 4


Aired Saturday 7:30 PM Oct 03, 1972 on NBC



  • Trivia

    • The character of Griff is introduced in this episode.

    • Featured Cartwright: Ben--Featured Characters: Candy and Griff

    • This is the first episode where we learn of Candy's deep past. He had apparently served time in prison in Butte, Montana (for an offense that is never revealed) where he became friends with Griff.

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  • Notes

    • Beginning with this episode, Tim Matheson is listed in the opening credits as one of the series' stars. Unlike later episodes, he's shown here looking grungy standing before what appears to be a prison wall.

    • German episode title: "Revolte im Gefängnis", meaning "Riot in Jail".

    • Mitch Vogel does not appear in this episode.

    • Tim Matheson's opening credit, for this episode only, featured him in his prison wear, on the set of the Nevada State Prison.

    • To newer audiences, Tim Matheson is best known for his recurring role as Jeb Bartlett's vice president, John Hoynes, on The West Wing; he was also lead anchor Bill Dunne on the short-lived Breaking News. Classic cartoon fans likely recall he was the voice of Jonny Quest and other vintage Hanna-Barbera cartoons. His directing resume, as is his list of directing and producing credits, is most impressive.

    • Boyd "Red" Morgan was credited as Red Morgan.

    • This episode marks the first appearance of Tim Matheson as Griff King.

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