Bonanza - Season 11

NBC (ended 1973)




Episode Guide

  • A Matter of Circumstance
    Joe stays back at the Ponderosa as Ben, Hoss, Candy and Hop Sing leave on a cattle drive. A thunderstorm spooks one of the horses which goes wild, and crushes an arm and breaks one of his legs. Joe goes in and out of consciousness as he tries to treat his own injuries. With his arm becoming infected, he debates amputating the limb to save his life.moreless
  • What Are Pardners For?
    A couple of Easterners who've read too many pulp novels come to the Wild West to live lives like those of the characters in the books. Hoss learns they plan to rob a bank, so he races to the nearby town to warn the sheriff; he's too late and gets tossed in jail for being a conspirator. Things get worse when the two bust Hoss out of jail and force him to join their would-be gang.moreless
  • The Horse Traders
    The Horse Traders
    Episode 26
    Having stuck it rich, the slovenly Calhouns return well dressed and cleaner. Daddy Luke is feeling so good he even allows the three dirt-for-brains robbers who earlier tried to rob him to now live on his land. One of them is even engaged to his daughter, Meena. In short order, the imbeciles wear out their welcome and Luke orders them to find work. Hoss and Joe come to Virginia City as the boys open their livery stable.moreless
  • Caution, Easter Bunny Crossing
    A Quaker woman talks a reluctant Hoss into dressing as the Easter Bunny for the orphanage's children. While waiting for his big performance, Hoss, in his furry costume, contends with a group of inept outlaws who commit a comedy of errors in their attempts to rob stagecoaches.
  • Decision at Los Robles
    Passing through Los Robles with Joe, Ben is shot by the cold-blooded town boss. Ben fires back in self-defense, killing the man and making himself the target of revenge by the boss' son, Jed. The spineless locals offer no help as Jed threats to blow up the town if they don't turn Ben over immediately. Joe finally gets through to the townspeople that they must stand up to Jed and take their town back.moreless
  • The Gold Mine
    The Gold Mine
    Episode 23
    Joe becomes friends with Ramon, a young Mexican who is mixed up with a pair of drifters intent on robbing the Cartwrights. When Ramon finds a rich vein of gold, the drifters decide that it would be much easier to take Ramon's gold instead.
  • Return Engagement
    Return Engagement
    Episode 22
    En route to San Francisco, actress Lotta Crabtree arrives in Virginia City for a special performance. Hoss is smitten by the beautiful actress, which makes her leading man jealous. When he is killed during a performance, Lotta and then Hoss are suspected of the death. It is up to Ben to set things straight.moreless
  • Long Way to Ogden
    Long Way to Ogden
    Episode 21
    The area cattlemen find their livelihoods threatened by a Chicago meat packer. Emmett Whitney owns the rights to all the cattle cars on the railroad and refuses to let anyone use them unless they sell their livestock to him at ridiculously low prices. Ben risks the Ponderosa to defeat Whitney at his own game.moreless
  • The Law and Billy Burgess
    With the help of rich Matilda Curtis, Ben starts a free school for the kids of the Ponderosa's employees. When the schoolmaster is murdered, distressed student Billy Burgess gives an inflamed confession. Matilda intervenes to save Billy's life, asking that the youth be placed in her custody rather than facing trial. Ben doesn't believe the boy's confession and demands a trial to get to the truth.moreless
  • Is There Any Man Here...?
    Family friend Jennifer Carlis is set to marry powerful banker Tuttle Ames, but leaves him at the alter to rush to the Ponderosa. There, she declares that she's always been in love with Ben. Of course, Ben has never had any interest in the girl, but that doesn't prevent the humiliated Ames from seeking revenge on the Cartwrights and trying to destroy the Ponderosa.moreless
  • The Lady and the Mark
    When Chris Keller hits it big in the goldmines, every con man and salesman in the country wants a piece of him. While hiding out at the Ponderosa, he falls in love with Charity McGill who, coincidentally, needs most of his money for her father's medical bills. The Cartwrights question the sincerity of her love for Chris.moreless
  • The Trouble with Amy
    Ben comes to the aid of Amy Wilder, an eccentric animal lover whose land is wanted by a neighbor for mining. Barton Roberts takes her to court, hoping to have her declared mentally incompetent so he can snatch up her land. Ben works quickly to track down Amy's relatives to defend her mental state.moreless
  • The Big Jackpot
    The Big Jackpot
    Episode 16
    Candy gets rich when he's left money by an old friend. Soon, he's an executive working with a seemingly successful land promoter. Dismayed to discover that he's in business with a crook, Candy calls on the Cartwrights to help him put the racketeer out of business.
  • Danger Road
    Danger Road
    Episode 15
    Ben offers a treacherous construction job to Gunny, owner of a small freight-hauling business. The task is to transport 30-foot beams to a remote construction site. Gunny's an ex-Army officer who was discharged for desertion and Ben is anxious to see if he can prove himself. Also interested is Gunny's competitor Cambeau, who turned down the job because of the danger involved.moreless
  • It's a Small World
    It's a Small World
    Episode 14
    Virginia City banker John Flint scoffs at Ben's recommendation to fill a bank teller's position. George Marshall, a widower with an infant to raise, is ignored because he's a little person who used to work in the circus. Needing money, he turns to crime and decides to steal it from John Flint's bank.moreless
  • Abner Willoughby's Return
    Abner returns from 17 years at sea to dig up the gold he buried during his mining days. His problem is that the burial site is now on Widow Sprague's property. When Abner attempts to talk the widow into moving, he and most of the men of the Ponderosa become trapped on the property because of a quarantine.moreless
  • Old Friends
    Old Friends
    Episode 12
    Ben has to choose sides when two old friends suddenly reenter his life. One is his former prospecting partner Charlie Sheppard who's an outlaw on the run. The other is Jess Waddell, a bounty hunter who'd rather shoot first and ask questions later.
  • Dead Wrong
    Dead Wrong
    Episode 11
    Salty, Sunville's biggest exaggerator and outright liar, identifies Hoss and Candy as outlaws Big Jack and Sid. For his own safety, Hoss is forced to stage his own death in a phony gunfight where Big Jack is gunned down. Thereal Big Jack hears about this and decides to rob Sunville's bank while the local are attending "his" funeral.moreless
  • A Darker Shadow
    A Darker Shadow
    Episode 10
    Wade Turner leaves his job at the bank and exits Virginia City, leaving behind the woman he was going to marry. His departure coincides with missing money at the bank. Joe tracks his old friend down for an explanation. What he learns is tragic: Wade is dying from a brain tumor.moreless
  • Meena
    Episode 9
    Joe is kidnapped by three of the most dim-witted crooks in the west: Jesse, Virge, and Owen. He's rescued by Meena Calhoun and brought back to their mine to meet her crusty father, prospector Luke. Luke promptly tries to force a wedding between Meena and Joe. The boneheaded trio regroups and decides to steal the gold they're confident Luke has stashed away.moreless
  • The Stalker
    The Stalker
    Episode 8
    In self-defense, Candy has to kill the husband of Lisa Campbell. Hoping he can soften her bitterness, he goes to work for Lisa as a ranch hand. Love begins to blossom between the two, but it's a little too late. Lisa had hired a gunfighter to kill Candy and the outlaw refuses to back away from his job.moreless
  • The Medal
    The Medal
    Episode 7
    Matthew Rush is living a life of poverty despite having been awarded a Congressional Medal of Honor and being war hero for the North. Ben intervenes to help when Matthew becomes the victim of Seth Nagel, a bitter Southerner who lost his house and family to the Yankees.
  • To Stop a War
    To Stop a War
    Episode 6
    A range war is ready to break out between ranch owners and cattle rustlers. Dan Logan, an ex-sheriff, is hired to calm down the situation, but a rancher is adding fuel to the fire. He offers $300 for every rustler who's brought dead or alive to Logan.
  • Anatomy of a Lynching
    The townspeople are up in arms when Will Griner is acquitted of murder. Convinced the trial was rigged, they're ready to take justice into their own hands. Sheriff Coffee, Candy and the Cartwrights protect Will during the dangerous night while Ben reexamines the case to see if the lynch mob is right.moreless
  • A Lawman's Lot Is Not a Happy One
    When Roy Coffee is called to testify in a San Francisco case, he recruits Hoss to act as temporary sheriff. Hoss quickly makes a name for himself by locking up a millionaire and his valet for unknown reasons. Plus, he has to deal with a reluctant groom who plans a robbery to make himself less appealing to his pushy fiance.moreless
  • The Silence at Stillwater
    A case of mistaken identity land Candy in the Stillwater jail. Sheriff Austin arrests him on eyewitness testimony from a little boy who says Candy is the one committing murders and arson. Austin refuses to tell Candy that he's suspected of, and refuses to tell the Cartwrights he's being held.
  • The Witness
    The Witness
    Episode 2
    Joe and Candy offer to protect Jenny Winters when she says she can identify the Logan gang as the outlaws who robbed a stagecoach and murdered the driver. Neither the Cartwrights nor the criminals realize one important fact: Jenny is a liar and her eyewitness story is completely fabricated.
  • Another Windmill to Go
    The season opens with the Cartwrights encountering Don Q. Hought rowing a wheeled boat across their grazing land. It turns out he's not a goofball. Hought's comes to town on a mission to expose obscure and foolish Federal laws for what they are.