Bonanza - Season 14

NBC (ended 1973)



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Episode Guide

  • The Hunter
    The Hunter
    Episode 15
    Unhinged by the war, Bill Tanner takes sadistic pleasure in the role of predator. He escapes from a military asylum and encounters Joe Cartwright. After taking Joe's horse and supplies, he declares Cartwright his prey and gives him a four hour head start. Joe spends the rest of the day using every trick he can think of to throw the psychotic killer off his trail.moreless
  • The Marriage of Theodora Duffy
    It's a serious game of "let's pretend" when Griff and government agent Theodora Duffy pose as husband and wife. Their task is to capture a Civil War renegade named Stanton. Complicating matters are the men of the Ponderosa who aren't clued in on the secret mission.
  • The Witness
    The Witness
    Episode 13
    Candy is framed for a murder and faces trial. While Griff goes after the only witness, who has fled town, Ben places his faith in a young lawyer's ability to defend Candy against a prosecutor with a spotless record.
  • First Love
    First Love
    Episode 12
    Jamie falls in love with the wife of his new school teacher, Mr. Edwards. The arrogant instructor belittles his students in class and his wife, Kelly, in public. When Jamie discovers that Edwards is physically abusing Kelly, the young man stages a confrontation. Ben provides comforting words for Jamie when his heart is broken.moreless
  • The Bucket Dog
    The Bucket Dog
    Episode 11
    Jamie obtains an Irish setter pup and a special bond forms between dog and man. The dog's owner learns the puppy is at the Ponderosa and arrives to claim he can put it to sleep. (The owner claims it was a runt and an inferior example of the breed). The dog is soon in a trial for its life.moreless
  • The Sound of Sadness
    An elderly widower brings a couple of orphaned boys into his home. When he attempts to legally adopt them, he runs into bureaucratic obstacles that threaten his effort to keep the pair together.
  • The Hidden Enemy
    The Hidden Enemy
    Episode 9
    Dr. Will Agar is Virginia City's new town doctor. He brings new skills and expertise to treat the area's residents' health maladies. Dr. Agar is also a morphine addict, and it results in the death of a patient during a routine surgery.
  • Stallion
    Episode 8
    Joe instantly falls in love with the magnificent black stallion that Ben gives him for his birthday. He's soon spending all of his time riding and grooming the gorgeous creature. Troublesome Billy Brenner shows up at the Ponderosa looking for work, starts a fight, and then steals the horse. Joe and the others set off to get the horse back.moreless
  • The 26th Grave
    The 26th Grave
    Episode 7

    Mark Twain, editor of the "Nevada Territorial Enterprise", is charged with slander for his accusations of fraud and murder against a government man. He loses the case when he won't reveal his source, and turns to the Cartwrights to bring the criminal to justice.

  • Ambush at Rio Lobo
    Ambush at Rio Lobo
    Episode 6
    Ben encounters a very pregnant woman, Teresa Burnside, who's husband is being forced to participate in a stagecoach robbery. Ben and Teresa end up being held hostage by the outlaws who plan to use the pair in their scheme. When the baby comes early, Cartwright is forced to play midwife.
  • New Man
    New Man
    Episode 5
    After saving Ben's life in a prison riot, Griff King is released into Ben's custody and is hired as a Ponderosa ranch hand. Ben, Joe and the others exercise patience as they try to help an arrogant, resentful Griff adjust to society and live an honest life.
  • Riot
    Episode 4
    While at the Nevada State Prison to inspect conditions, Ben is one of several prominent men taken hostage. The riot is an attempt by frustrated inmates to expose horrific conditions at the prison. While Joe and Candy plan to resolve the situation, Ben begins a friendship with Griff King, and helps communicate the inmates' demands to the warden and state prison board.moreless
  • The Initiation
    The Initiation
    Episode 3
    Jamie's part of a boy's club that has a severe initiation process. When one boy dies during the induction procedures, member Ted Hoag is blamed by the people of Virginia City, though all the boys agree to shoulder the responsibility.
  • Heritage of Anger
    Heritage of Anger
    Episode 2
    Ex-con John Dundee is being released from prison and Ben tries to help his old friend readjust to society. John's only interest, however, is revenge on those who sent him to prison, namely, his ex-business partners Anders, Bartlett and Sangster. Worse, the bad three are friends with a corrupt lawman and are hatching a plan to send John back to prison, this time, for murder.moreless
  • Forever
    Episode 1
    In this two-hour season premiere, Joe meets and falls in love with Alice Harper. They marry and soon learn they are expecting a child. Ruthless gambler Damien and his henchmen attempt to collect on a debt owed by Alice's deadbeat brother. When she refuses, she's murdered and then the house set ablaze. A devastated Joe wanders the countryside aimlessly for days before stumbling onto Damien's involvement. He recruits Candy and the two go in search of his wife's murderer.moreless