Bonanza - Season 3

NBC (ended 1973)




Episode Guide

  • The Miracle Maker
    The Miracle Maker
    Episode 34
    Susan Blanchard emerges from a wagon crash with only a minor injury, yet is unable to get out of her bed. A faith healer guarantees that he can get Susan to walk again--if she promises to marry him. Even though her affliction is all in her mind, Hoss hesitates to expose the faker for fear that Susan might never get up.moreless
  • The Mountain Girl
    The Mountain Girl
    Episode 33
    Backwoods country girl Trudy Harker is left in Joe's care after the death of the grandfather who raised her. Joe is determined to fulfill his promise to the old man: turning Trudy into a "lady" so she can live in the California mansion of her other grandfather.
  • The Long Night
    The Long Night
    Episode 32
    Adam races to the town of Bowline for an urgent business transaction. On the way, he's ambushed by an escapee named Poindexter who forces him to trade clothes. Later, the posse looking for Poindexter comes across Adam and takes him in. Posse leader Trace knows he has the wrong man, but isn't concerned about seeing Adam hang in error.moreless
  • The Dowry
    The Dowry
    Episode 31
    Self-declared land baron Alexander Dubois recuperates at the Ponderosa after robbers supposedly stole the $100,000 dowry intended for his daughter's wedding. Ben becomes suspicious of the Dubois' and their story, while the future bride, Michelle, wraps the Cartwright boys around her finger.
  • Blessed Are They
    Blessed Are They
    Episode 30
    Ben and Virginia City's new minister try to resolve a feud that has Virginia City residents choosing sides. The Clark and Mahan families are fighting over which will get custody of two twin grandchildren.
  • Inger, My Love
    Inger, My Love
    Episode 29
    In preparing for Hoss' birthday party, Ben recalls life with his second wife, Inger, Hoss' late mother. Having worked his way to Galesburg, IL, Ben falls in love with Inger, the fiancee of the tavern owner who gave him a job. Ben leads a wagon train westward with his new bride and 5-year-old son Adam in tow. Their new-found happiness ends soon.moreless
  • The Crucible
    The Crucible
    Episode 28
    Adam retreats to the wilderness for some peace following an exhausting cattle drive. There's no relaxing as he's robbed, stripped of his clothes, and left to die by a couple of outlaws. Attempting to make the dangerous trip to Signal Rock on foot, he meets a crazy prospector, Peter Kane. In exchange for helping him work his claim, Kane promises Adam his mule. Kane does not fulfill his promise.moreless
  • The Gamble
    The Gamble
    Episode 27
    On a cattle drive, the Cartwrights stop for the night in Alkali and are jailed for robbing the town's bank and killing a teller. Joe escapes and frantically rushes to find help before Ben, Adam, and Hoss go to the gallows.
  • Look to the Stars
    Look to the Stars
    Episode 26
    A young genius, Albert Michaelson, is vying for a scholarship and only needs the school teacher's approval to receive it. The blessings of strict and stern Mr. Norton will be hard to obtain, considering he'd expelled Albert and labeled him a "problem child." Adam investigates.
  • The Lawmaker
    The Lawmaker
    Episode 25
    Sheriff Coffee tries to capture the gang holding up the Virginia City express office. In the process, he's trampled by horses stampeded by the criminals. While he recuperates, shady Asa Moran who's in cahoots with the bandits is named the acting sheriff. Adam's plans to expose Moran puts him on the crooked sheriff's hit list.moreless
  • The Wooing of Abigail Jones
    Hoss and Joe try to help ranch hand Hank Meyers woo the the plain-looking schoolteacher, Abigail Jones. When their first plan backfires, they convince Adam (who doesn't want to get involved) to help. This makes things worse because Abigail now believes it's Adam who's wooing her and Hank thinks Adam is trying to steal her away.moreless
  • The Guilty
    The Guilty
    Episode 23
    Ben Cartwright witnesses the shooting of Lem Partridge's son by ex-con Jack Groat. Groat had done time in the past for killing Lem's wife. Lem can not understand by his old friend Ben didn't intervene and stop this latest death of a loved one. Feeling let down by everyone, Partridge vows revenge for the killings.moreless
  • The Jackknife
    The Jackknife
    Episode 22
    The Cartwrights go hunting for a gang of cattle rustlers. Adam comes across an injured man, Matthew Grant, who he assumes is one of the thieves. Knowing that Ben will shoot the criminal on sight, Adam tries to convince Grant to confess to his crimes and turn himself over to the authorities.moreless
  • Gift of Water
    Gift of Water
    Episode 21
    The area is in the grip of a deadly drought. The farmers hope to use the water near the Ponderosa, but the ranchers violently object to the idea. To ward off a war over water, the Cartwrights help dig a well and build a windmill to help the farmers.
  • The Auld Sod
    The Auld Sod
    Episode 20
    Upon learning that his elderly mother has departed from Ireland to pay him a visit, ranch hand Danny Lynch goes into a panic. He's been lying to his mother for years, telling her that he ran the Ponderosa. To make him look good in his parent's eyes, the Cartwrights pretend they're merely ranch hands and that Danny is the all-powerful head of the spread.moreless
  • The Storm
    The Storm
    Episode 19
    Joe's childhood sweetheart Laura comes for a visit with her stern seafaring father, Captain White. Laura and Joe fall in love again and want to marry, but her father will not allow it. The captain has information that he doesn't intent to share with Joe: Laura is terminally ill and he doesn't want Joe to marry her out of pity.moreless
  • The Ride
    The Ride
    Episode 18
    Adam witnesses the murder of a way station manager by two men during a hold up. Though they're wearing burlap bags over their heads, Adam is sure that he recognizes one of them. The man has an alibi, as two women claim to have seen him in Virginia City the morning of the robbery. Everyone believes there wasn't enough time for him to commit the murder and get to town. Adam does not believe the alibi and sets out to prove the man guilty.moreless
  • The Lady from Baltimore
    The Cartwrights receive a visit from Deborah Banning and her daughter Melinda. Deborah is intent on having Melinda marry one of Ben's sons and goes to extreme lengths to convince Ben of this. Eventually she decides that it should be Joe. Melinda has other ideas and things become more complicated when Deborah's husband Horace unexpectedly shows up.moreless
  • The Tall Stranger
    The Tall Stranger
    Episode 16
    Hoss wants to marry attractive Margie Owens, but she want to see the world and weds traveling stranger Mark Connors. Word comes from San Francisco that Connors has left her broke and expecting. Margie's father asks Hoss to go to the coast and search for her.
  • Land Grab
    Land Grab
    Episode 15
    People start camping out on the Ponderosa. They're armed with fake property deeds and claim they've been sold parts of the ranch. The man behind the sham turns out to be one of Ben's oldest Army buddies, Colonel Bragg.
  • Gabrielle
    Episode 14
    The Cartwrights find a blind 11-year-old girl wandering around in the snow. Gabrielle is an orphan who's searching hopelessly for her grandfather. The family locates the old man; he's an unpleasant old hermit who doesn't like people, much less relatives.
  • The Tin Badge
    The Tin Badge
    Episode 13
    Wanting to prove to his older brothers he's not a kid anymore, Joe accepts the job of sheriff of the small town of Rubicon. He doesn't realize that the people offering him the position, a gunslinger and shifty mayor, are setting him up to fail. They want an inexperienced sheriff because they're hatching a scheme involving robbery and murder.moreless
  • The Frenchman
    The Frenchman
    Episode 12
    A pompous Frenchman shows up in Virginia City claiming he's famous poet Francois Villon reincarnated. In actuality, he's merely a scoundrel. Joe is mesmerized by the windbag's attractive sister, but the rest of the family are not so impressed. Francois challenges Hoss to a duel and steals two of the Cartwrights' horses.moreless
  • Day of the Dragon
    Day of the Dragon
    Episode 11
    Joe wins at a poker game and receives an unexpected prize: a young Asian woman. He doesn't realize that the Chinese slave girl was stolen from the infamous General Tsung. She goes to the Ponderosa, not wanting to be set free. That's because the general is looking for her.
  • The Horse Breaker
    The Horse Breaker
    Episode 10
    Johnny Lightly is thrown off a horse he's breaking at the Ponderosa and suffers a serious injury. He loses the use of his legs though Dr. Kay thinks the paralysis is only temporary. Johnny loses the will to live, despite the hopeful prognosis. His recovery rides on the doctor's assistant, Ann ,who Johnny's grown fond of.moreless
  • The Countess
    The Countess
    Episode 9
    A former paramour of Ben Cartwright, now wealthy widow Lady Lydia Chadwick, returns to Virginia City to re-spark their romance. Ben isn't interested, so Lydia schemes to ruin him financially so he'll have no choice but to turn to her for love and money.
  • The Friendship
    The Friendship
    Episode 8
    After chain-gang prisoner Danny Kidd saves Joe's life, the youngest Cartwright has him released into his custody. The young man with a love of horses has spent most of his life behind bars and has a tough time transitioning to freedom.
  • The Many Faces of Gideon Flinch
    In this comedy, Bullethead Burke comes to town looking for Gideon Flinch, the mail-order swindler who took him for $5,000. The man's niece gets to Bullethead first and convinces him that Joe Cartwright is the man he's looking for.
  • Broken Ballad
    Broken Ballad
    Episode 6
    Ed Payson, an ex-gunfighter, tries to purchase supplies at the general store, but owner Will Cass refuses to serve him. Back in Payson's shooting days, he killed Cass' son and, naturally, holds a grudge. Adam tries to smooth out the situation between the men, but matters take an ugly turn.
  • The Burma Rarity
    The Burma Rarity
    Episode 5
    A pair of con men try to swindle Widow Hawkins, the boarding house keeper, by selling her a "priceless" emerald known as "The Burma Rarity." Ben stages a scam to get her money back, but his plan backfires so badly that he may end up having to marry the widow to make things right.moreless
  • The Lonely House
    The Lonely House
    Episode 4
    Joe is doing business at the Virginia City bank when it's held up. Later, when he's at the widow Boden's home, one of the robbers, Trock, and his crew come by and take the two hostage. Unexpectedly, Trock begins to fall in love with the beautiful widow.
  • The Honor of Cochise
    While the Cartwrights are making camp for the night, a Calvary captain suddenly appears being chased by Indians. The captain rushes into the camp and the Cartwrights realize that they are surrounded and have no water. They learn from the captain that the leader of the Indians is Cochise. After Adam is injured in an attempt to get water, Ben decides that he must barter with Cochise to save his son's life.moreless
  • Springtime
    Episode 2
    Ben's friend Jebediah Milbank is accidentally injured by the Cartwright boys' rowdy horseplay in the mud. While Milbank convalesces in their home, Ben has each of a boys attend to a piece of the recovering man's business, sending each off in a different direction.
  • The Smiler
    The Smiler
    Episode 1
    While defending the honor of Widow McClure, Hoss accidentally kills Arthur, the town bully. Arthur's brother Clarence comes to Virginia City and tells Hoss all is forgiven. Behind that smile, the brother is scheming revenge. It involves coercing Mrs. McClure into changing her testimony before the court hearing.
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