Bonanza - Season 7

NBC (ended 1973)




Episode Guide

  • A Dollar's Worth of Trouble
    A gypsy palm reader predicts Hoss will have an encounter with a moonshiner, a blue-eyed blond, and a deadly gunslinger. After the first two events actually happen, Hoss prepares himself for a showdown.
  • The Last Mission
    The Last Mission
    Episode 32
    Colonel Keith Jarell arrives to ask his old friend of Ben to help him achieve lasting peace with the Paiute Indians. In reality, the colonel wants to use a new weapon on the Indians: the deadly Gatling gun.
  • Home from the Sea
    Home from the Sea
    Episode 31
    The Cartwrights welcome a shipmate of Adam's, Gilly Maples. What they don't know are his intentions of robbing them of a shipment of gold.
  • The Fighters
    The Fighters
    Episode 30
    After Hoss injures an over-the-hill fighter, Hank Kelly, in a challenge match, he refuses all offers to box professionally. Joe, however, is another story. He's happy to show off his skills in the ring.
  • Big Shadow on the Land
    Windbag patriarch Giorgio Rossi and his immigrant Italian family set up business on the Ponderosa, promising to improve the Cartwrights' wine-making efforts. Ben has trouble forcing the family out as be becomes increasingly fond of them. This is the first of three episodes focusing on the Rossis.
  • The Unwritten Commandment
    The son of a stubborn farmer, Andy Walker, wants to pursue a career in music. His domineering father Willard, however, will hear none of this kind of talk. Ben intervenes in this family squabble. Wayne Newton sings several old-time songs.
  • The Genius
    The Genius
    Episode 27
    Hoss encounters a drifter who's an inspired poet, and a tragic alcoholic. As usual, Hoss takes him under his wing with hopes of rehabilitating him. When the man's wife arrives at the Ponderosa, they learn his real identity.
  • Shining in Spain
    Shining in Spain
    Episode 26
    Joe falls for Wendy Dant, a young woman filled with stories of her father and his many adventures. When he finally returns after a lengthy absence, it's obvious he's not the larger than life man he's portrayed himself as.
  • The Trouble with Jamie
    Ben's cousin Matthew comes for a visit from the east and brings his spoiled brat of a son, Jamie. Ben quickly has his fill of the arrogant young man and decides to teach the loathsome Jamie a lesson. It eventually comes out that Jamie is jealous of his father's marriage plans.moreless
  • Her Brother's Keeper
    Ben is falling for Claire Amory, but her brother makes their future is questionable. Carl is a cruel and manipulative invalid who milks his health problems for all they're worth.
  • The Emperor Norton
    The Emperor Norton
    Episode 23
    Emperor Joshua Norton was an actual person: a harmless and wealthy eccentric who in 1859 declared himself "Emperor of the United States and Protector of Mexico." In this episode, Emperor Norton is about to be committed to an insane asylum. A friend brings him to the Ponderosa to save him from that awful fate. Even Mark Twain drops by to join the Cartwrights in championing Emperor Norton's cause.moreless
  • Three Brides for Hoss
    Three separate women show up at the Ponderosa, each claiming that Hoss has asked her to be his bride. A local widower, Jester, is behind the sudden run on husband-hungry women. Hoping he'd scare up a wife and step-mother for his daughter, Jester signed Hoss' to several applications for mail-order brides.moreless
  • The Code
    The Code
    Episode 21
    Gunslinger Dan Taggert comes to town and challenges Joe to a duel. A man named Fitts sees a chance to make some cash and begins taking bets on who will win. The efforts of Ben and Hoss to talk Taggert out of the duel come to nothing.
  • Peace Officer
    Peace Officer
    Episode 20
    With Sheriff Coffee away, Virginia City's mayor has hired Wes Dann as the peacekeeper. Ben soon realizes that Dann isn't terribly concerned with following the law; he's more interested in enacting his own sadistic methods of justice.
  • Destiny's Child
    Destiny's Child
    Episode 19
    Ben hires Sonny and Jesse when they stop and help his get his wagon unstuck from mud. Hoss becomes fast friends with Sonny, a big, strong man with a child's mind. Jesse is killed and Sonny can't wrap his mind around the news. Sheriff Coffee advises the Cartwrights that Sonny is known to become violent when overwhelmed.moreless
  • Ride the Wind, Part Two
    Conclusion to the previous episode. Curtis Wade has taken over the Pony Express office and his ego gets in the way of good judgment. Egged on by a journalist from the East, Wade is determine to keep the service running despite attacks by the Paiute Indians. This could proved deadly for Express rider Little Joe.moreless
  • Ride the Wind, Part One
    The Pony Express opens up an office in Virginia City. Despite being an investor, Ben objects to Joe signing up as a rider. Adding to his concerns, the Paiute Indians don't want the Pony Express riding across their land, and the manager's assistant, Curtis Wade, is itching to make a name for himself as an Indian fighter.moreless
  • To Kill a Buffalo
    To Kill a Buffalo
    Episode 16
    A young male Indian with hatred for all white men is left to die by his tribe. He's rescued by Hoss, who nurses him back to health and tries to convince him that all white people aren't savages.
  • A Dublin Lad
    A Dublin Lad
    Episode 15
    Joe is a lone holdout on the jury that wants to find Terence O'Toole guilty of robbery and murder. Not convinced of the man's guilt, Joe does some investigating of his own.
  • All Ye His Saints
    All Ye His Saints
    Episode 14
    When Evan Thorpe suffers a serious injury, ranch hand Lijah declares that "only God" can save his life. Evan's impressionable son Michael takes the words literally and heads to the mountains to search for God. The young man thinks he's met Him when he encounters mountaineer Tom Caine.
  • A Natural Wizard
    A Natural Wizard
    Episode 13
    A young man who has an incredible rapport with animals frees the creatures caught in traps set by his drunken stepfather; the parent responds with a beating. Hoss rescues the boy and brings him to the Ponderosa, where he bonds quickly with Dr. Woods, a veterinarian.
  • Five Sundowns to Sunup
    Matriarch of a family of cold-blooded killers, Ma Lassiter comes to Virginia City to get her condemned son out of jail. She promises her family will kidnap one citizen a day until her son is set free. Little Joe is one of those abducted.
  • The Reluctant Rebel
    The Reluctant Rebel
    Episode 11
    Billy Penn is a young man who's sick of his rigid father and his life on a pig farm. Hoping to break free, he foolishly joins a bunch of rustler who end up stealing livestock from the Cartwrights. Hoss steers the boy back to the "straight and narrow" and tries to repair the relationship between father and son.moreless
  • The Strange One
    The Strange One
    Episode 10
    When Joe and Hoss are out hunting, they come across Marie, a woman who was exiled from a wagon trail for being a witch. She's brought to the Ponderosa where her frequent visions show she's gifted. Ben questions her claims that she is the reason children died on the wagon train she traveled with.moreless
  • Mighty is the Word
    Mighty is the Word
    Episode 9
    The new Virginia City preacher, Rev. Watson, is a former gun-fighter who's been on "the straight and narrow" for years. His only interest these days is starting a new church. The brother of one of his long-ago victims, however, comes to town and has not forgiven the pastor.
  • The Meredith Smith
    The Meredith Smith
    Episode 8
    Dying miser Jake Smith asks Ben to deliver his estate to his next-of-kin: Meredith Smith. Six months later and Ben hasn't been able to find this person. On the day before Jake's estate must be given to the rightful heir, six Meredith Smiths arrive in Virginia City. Ben now must sort through the phonies to find the real one.moreless
  • Found Child
    Found Child
    Episode 7
    Young Lisa is traumatized by the murder of her parents during a stagecoach robbery. Hoss rescue the child and tries to bring her out of her speechless state. He grows fond of the child and is sad when Lisa's uncle arrives to claim the girl. The relative isn't what he seems to be, setting the scene for Hoss to rescue Lisa once again.moreless
  • Devil on Her Shoulder
    The Cartwrights come to the rescue of Sarah Reynolds, a woman Ben's sweet on. She's been accused by Rev. Evan Morgan and his fanatical wife of being a witch possessed by the devil.
  • The Lonely Runner
    The Lonely Runner
    Episode 5
    Poor Jim Acton is financially devastated when his prize horse is legally given to Sam Whipple. When Acton is forced to kill Whipple in self-defense, an over-zealous deputy sheriff wants to prove Acton was an angry murderer just wanting to get even.
  • The Other Son
    The Other Son
    Episode 4
    Clint Watson, an old friend of Ben who's now an explosives expert, agrees to help transport nitroglycerin with his sons to a flood site. The story turns into a character study of a man who is unable to equally love both of his sons.
  • The Brass Box
    The Brass Box
    Episode 3
    Jose Ortega, an old eccentric prone to exaggeration, claims he has a Spanish land grant giving him the Ponderosa in additional to much of the territory's land. After Joe saves him from one of several thrashings from locals, Ortega presents him with a gift which the Cartwright's lawyer believes proves he owns the Ponderosa.moreless
  • The Dilemma
    The Dilemma
    Episode 2
    Ben acts as a temporary judge as a man on parole admits to having robbed the bank. He makes Ben a proposition: if he's allowed to go free, he'll reveal where he hid the money.
  • The Debt
    The Debt
    Episode 1
    Wiley and Annie Kane go to work for Ben Cartwright, wanting to pay off a debt made by their no-good father. Before the old man died, Sam Kane cheated Ben out of a substantial amount of money. All is well until Annie learns that her swindling father is still alive; that's when she turns into a chip off the old block.moreless