Bonanza - Season 8

NBC (ended 1973)




Episode Guide

  • The Greedy Ones
    The Greedy Ones
    Episode 34
    According to the grapevine, prospector Gus Schultz has found gold on the Ponderosa. Soon, the Cartwrights are overrun with wild-eyed fortune hunters. The most unpleasant of the crowd is covetous Shasta who will let no one stand in his way of getting the gold--which may not even be there.
  • Maestro Hoss
    Maestro Hoss
    Episode 33
    Hoss falls for yet another fortune teller's predictions. This time, Madame Morova gives Hoss a violin and tells him he has the untapped talent of a virtuoso. Also, he'll give his first concert in under a week! Hoss's rehearsals on the instrument are hardly a treat for the ears.
  • Clarissa
    Episode 32
    Clarissa, Ben's snobbish, pushy cousin from the East, arrives for an extended visit. An insufferably bossy woman of little tact, she sticks her nose in all manners of business, including an important bank loan Ben is hoping for. When she's through, she's alienated much of Virginia City and all of the Ponderosa's crew.moreless
  • The Wormwood Cup
    The Wormwood Cup
    Episode 31
    A woman who's convinced Joe intentionally Zach Krenshaw offers $1,000 to the man who kills the youngest Cartwright in what she deems a "fair fight." The dead man's father has also sworn vengeance against the youngest Cartwright. Joe was only acting in self-defense, but now he has to avoid men more than happy to shoot him down for the big reward.moreless
  • Napoleon's Children
    Napoleon's Children
    Episode 30
    A young man who calls himself "Napoleon" leads his gang of juvenile delinquent teenagers in a reign of terror in Virginia City. Standing in their way are the Cartwrights and new member of the group who doesn't want to hurt anyone.
  • A Man Without Land
    A Man Without Land
    Episode 29
    Ben keeps a unscrupulous Ponderosa foreman, Ed Phillips, from cheating a fellow rancher, Matt Jeffers. Phillips plots an elaborate scheme of revenge that ends with the rancher's son murdered and Little Joe as the prime suspect.
  • The Prince
    The Prince
    Episode 28
    A pair of Russian aristocrats, Count Alexis and Countess Elena visit the Ponderosa. An expatriate Russian criminal is interested in their visit because he has his sites on stealing the Czar's crown jewels.
  • The Deed and the Dilemma
    Giorgio Rossi and family return. To help them out, Ben grants them 80 acres of land which they turn into a lush vineyard. Problems arise when the Cartwright's unpleasant neighbor Gurney cuts off the Rossi family's water supply.
  • Dark Enough to See the Stars
    Billy Wilcox is saved from the desert by Ben and given a job as a ranch hand. The young man falls in love with Jennifer Yardley, but abruptly breaks up with the girl one he gets a glimpse of her father, a lawman.
  • Joe Cartwright, Detective
    In this comic episode, Joe is enthralled with a mystery novel and begins to think of himself as a young detective. Using the fancy techniques of Scotland Yard, Joe attempts to prevent a bank robbery. He efforts result in Sheriff Coffee and his father ending up in jail.
  • Judgment at Red Creek
    Sheriff Rimbau is joined by Joe Cartwright in a posse to capture a pair of murder and robbery suspects. Rimbau has a personal stake in the matter since the criminals killed his brother. Joe becomes concerned that the sheriff is not interested in justice, but in executing the pair who may not be the guilty party.moreless
  • A Woman in the House
    Ben offers protection at the Ponderosa for longtime friend Mary Farnum from her drunken, abusive husband. Mary misunderstands Ben's kindness and falls in love with the family patriarch.
  • Amigo
    Episode 22
    A man known as Amigo has gown up persecuted because of his Mexican heritage. He's joined in with a gang of terrorists led by the malevolent Cap Fenner. After Ben saves Amigo's life, he's torn between his loyalty to his outlaw gang and the Cartwrights.
  • Journey to Terror
    Journey to Terror
    Episode 21
    During a difficult drought, a friend of Joe's, Tom Blackwell, has joined an outlaw gang without telling his wife. The man's wife believes he's been out looking for work all this time and doesn't learn the truth until the gang captures her, their son, and Joe Cartwright.
  • The Unseen Wound
    The Unseen Wound
    Episode 20
    Twelve years on the job has driven Sheriff Paul Rowan to the breaking point. Ben's friend takes refuge in a stable and threatens to shoot anyone who comes near. Rowan's wife contact Ben, hoping he can reason with her desperate husband.
  • Black Friday
    Black Friday
    Episode 19
    Joe risks his life to save former Ponderosa ranch hand Steve Friday. Now a gunfighter, a vengeful judge has hired a killer to get rid of Steve permanently.
  • A Bride for Buford
    A Bride for Buford
    Episode 18
    Dolly Bantree has a crooked manager, "Blackie", who blackmails her into fleecing newly-rich miner Buford out of his fortune. To prove that Dolly only loves Buford for his money, Hoss gets all duded up as a rich "mark" to test Dolly.
  • Justice
    Episode 17

    Joe is engaged to pretty bank teller Sally Bristol, whose shy co-worker, Horace Perkins, has a crush on her. One night Horace, in a drunken stupor, accidentally kills Sally, but his doting landlady, Mrs. Cutler, gives him an alibi. Joe, however, is convinced that Horace is guilty, and hounds him in an effort to get him to break down and confess.

  • Ponderosa Explosion
    Ponderosa Explosion
    Episode 16
    Joe and Hoss buy a couple of bunnies and scheme to make a mint selling rabbit skins. The softies, however, are unable to kill the cute little creatures, which are multiplying at a furious rate. Ben watches as his entrepreneur sons get knee-deep in rabbits.
  • A Christmas Story
    A Christmas Story
    Episode 15
    Ben puts Hoss in charge of the annual Oprhan's Christmas Benefit and he gets Andy Walker to return and sing. Andy's uncle and manager, Thaddeus Cade, is a real wheeler-dealer who gets Hoss to give him ten percent of the proceeds. Ben hits the roof and begins to suspect that Thaddeus is going to skip town will all the cash. Also, Ben tells the orphans a version of A Christmas Carol.moreless
  • Tommy
    Episode 14
    Allie Miller takes refuge at the Ponderosa from her cold-blooded outlaw husband Jess. He intends to take her back forcibly, but wants nothing to do with their son Tommy, a deaf mute.
  • The Bridegroom
    The Bridegroom
    Episode 13
    Maggie Dowling is a spinster who believes she's unattractive. Joe thinks she and widower Jared Wilson would be a perfect couple. To get the two together, Joe hatches a scheme: he pretends he's in love with the spinster and, naturally, she falls for the young Cartwright.
  • A Real Nice, Friendly Little Town
    After Joe gets shot in the rump by a ricocheting bullet from a horse thief, Hoss goes in search of the culprit. His only clue is the name inside the gunman's hat: J. Reichmann. Hoss travels to a small, unfriendly town and finds two brothers with the same initials and they aren't talking. neither is their mother.moreless
  • The Oath
    The Oath
    Episode 11
    When Charlie Two's father is hung, he vows to kill the man he thinks is responsible: Ben Cartwright. Charlie meets up with Joe on his way to Virginia City; Joe, using an alias, rides along, hoping to dissuade him from taking revenge.
  • Ballad of the Ponderosa
    Ben's testimony some fifteen years earlier sent a man to the gallows. After all this time his son, musician Colter Preston shows up in Virginia City proclaiming his father's innocence in song. He forces the law to re-open the case and goes as far as shooting himself so he can have Ben arrested for attempted murder.moreless
  • Old Charlie
    Old Charlie
    Episode 9
    Old Charlie, noted teller of tall tales, is saved by Hoss from an outlaw with a knife. But the way Charlie tells it, he was the one who killed the ruffian. With the dead man's brothers promising revenge, it remains to be seen if Old Charlie has the nerve to back-up his bragging.moreless
  • Four Sisters from Boston
    The four Lowell sisters come to Virginia City to claim a ranch left by a late uncle. What they find is a backlog of debts and a huge bill for back taxes. Ben becomes involved to keep the sisters from losing everything, and he gains their undying gratitude. All except for one sister who thinks he has an ulterior motive.moreless
  • Credit for a Kill
    Credit for a Kill
    Episode 7
    Both Joe and dirt-poor farmer Morgan Tanner kill a horse thief with a bounty on his head. Tanner and his family desperately need the money, yet Joe claims sole credit and the reward. There's a good reason behind Joe's seemingly greedy actions.
  • To Bloom for Thee
    To Bloom for Thee
    Episode 6
    Carol Attley has become aloof and suspicious after a hard life. Despite this, she agrees to marry Hoss, but then violently changes her mind. He sudden change of heart is triggered by a few harmless questions from Ben about her past.
  • The Pursued, Part II
    Conclusion to the previous episode. Mormon rancher Heber Clawson's home is torched and he's killed by the town "boss" and an intolerant mob of locals lead by a self-proclaimed preacher. The Cartwrights provide protection for Clawson's two wives and get medical attention for the injured and pregnant Elizabeth Ann.
  • The Pursued, Part I
    The Cartwrights are buying horses from a Mormon rancher with two wives, Susannah and Elizabeth Ann. Despite persecution from the locals and a fanatical minister, Heber Clawson is determined to stay in Behive, Nevada. The situation becomes even trickier when the town boss gets cozy with Elizabeth Ann.
  • A Time to Step Down
    Ben has older cowhand Dan Tolliver reassigned to less physically demanding work. The bull-headed old coot is insulted and quits his job at the Ponderosa. He ends up with a couple of outlaws who have long-time grievances against the Cartwright family.
  • Horse of a Different Hue
    Ben arranges a championship horse race at the request of Colonel Fairchild. Pa Cartwright learns that Fairchild has fixed the race in an effort to be rid of a creditor. Joe is dispatched to cause problems for Fairchild in the race without causing harm to anyone.
  • Something Hurt, Something Wild
    The friendship between Jed Ferguson and the Cartwright family turns into a feud because of Jed's neurotic daughter. Joe can't figure out why Laurie staged a scene to make it look like he had assaulted her.