Bonanza - Season 9

NBC (ended 1973)




Episode Guide

  • Stage Door Johnnies
    Stage Door Johnnies
    Episode 34
    Hoss and Joe desperately want the attention of sexy entertainer Mademoiselle Denise who's performing the Silver Dollar Saloon. Their efforts at catching her eye land them in a damage suit when her spoiled dog Andre disappears.
  • A Severe Case of Matrimony
    Ambitious gypsy girl Rosalita desperately wants a career as an opera singer. There are two things standing in her way. Firstly, she sings horribly. Secondly, there's an issue of money. She's willing to marry a Cartwright to finance her musical desires.
  • Pride of a Man
    Pride of a Man
    Episode 32
    Joe hesitantly takes over as substitute when schoolteacher Abby Pettigrew is out of commission. His new-found authority is challenged by two of the older students, the McNabb boys. Joe eventually discovers the cause of their poor behavior; their father is dead-set against "book learnin'".
  • The Stronghold
    The Stronghold
    Episode 31
    Joe and Candy are scammed out of a herd of cattle by the Farrell brothers, Josh and Mike, so they follow the siblings back to their Arizona hideout. Their hope of getting back their money looks brighter as the brothers quickly grow tired of each other.
  • The Arrival of Eddie
    Eddie McKay, the son of a robber/murderer who Hoss killed years ago in a shootout, returns to Virginia City. Hoss wants to make amends and hires him as a Ponderosa hand. Eddie is still nursing a grudge against the Cazrtwrights, and so is the rancher he's secretly scheming with.
  • The Bottle Fighter
    The Bottle Fighter
    Episode 29
    When traveling to Salt Springs, Hoss is charged with murder based on circumstantial evidence. Thanks to a conch on the head, Hoss can't recall if he's innocent or not. The only lawyer that will take his case is an alcoholic who may or may not be sober for the trial.
  • To Die in Darkness
    To Die in Darkness
    Episode 28
    Ben and Candy are thought to be dead, having been missing for a month. Actually, they're being held captive in a mine by John Postley, a man who'd wrongly served time based on the testimony of the pair. His goal is to make them suffer in confinement as he did. After a while, Postley realizes he's once again a prisoner, this one of his own making.moreless
  • In Defense of Honor
    In Defense of Honor
    Episode 27
    Davey is an orphaned Ute that Ben helped raise and employs as a ranch hand on the Ponderosa. At the negotiations Ben is conducting with the Utes, Davey falls in love with the Chief Lone Spear's daughter, Bright Moon. A fellow Ute's jealousy over the blossoming relationship threatens to jeopardize the treaty.moreless
  • A Dream to Dream
    A Dream to Dream
    Episode 26
    An alcoholic rancher who blames himself for a son's death is drinking away his bitterness and making life unbearable for his wife and children. Hoss intervenes to help reform his friend, just to have the wife fall for him.
  • Commitment at Angelus
    When Candy is injured on the trail, Joe enlists the help of his friend Steve to help while Candy is unable to work. When Steve is killed in an accident, Joe takes it upon himself to help Steve's widow. Also, Steve was leading a miner's strike at a mine where officials have hired rabble to break the back of the movement.moreless
  • Trouble Town
    Trouble Town
    Episode 24
    During a cattle drive, Candy runs into his old sweetheart, Lila Holden, and decides to stay and settle down. His plans are quickly ruined when he's arrested on phony charges. The Cartwrights arrive to do deadly battle with a corrupt, blood-thirsty sheriff and his contemptible deputy.
  • Star Crossed
    Star Crossed
    Episode 23
    Candy falls in love with a beautiful, down on her luck young woman, unaware that the man claiming to be her cousin is actually an ex-lawman who's blackmailing her. He becomes involved in her romance, forcing her to break up with Candy and marry Joe since the Cartwrights have money (for future blackmailing).moreless
  • The Late Ben Cartwright
    Ben has worked to block the gubernatorial bid of John Farady, a "yes man" for corrupt tycoon Endicott. After an attempt on his life, Ben lays low, allowing even his close friends to believe him to be dead. His plan is to expose the two during the upcoming convention, but an unexpected development messes up his plans.moreless
  • The Crime of Johnny Mule
    Hoss stands alone in refusing to convict Johnny Mule, a "slow" ranch hand who is accused of robbing and murdering his boss. So when Johnny Mule – fearing he'll be lynched, regardless of the verdict – escapes from jail during jury deliberations, it's Hoss who takes the heat.
  • Blood Tie
    Blood Tie
    Episode 20
    Joe's life is saved by clean-cut nice guy Tracy Blaine who manages to talk himself into a job at Ponderosa. What none of the Cartwrights realize is that he's part of a gang with an elaborate scheme to rob them of a $10,000 cash shipment. Part of their plan is injuring Ben and sending the boys away on a wild goose chase.moreless
  • The Price of Salt
    The Price of Salt
    Episode 19
    Ada Halle inherits her late father's salt mine and falls prey to the scheming of a greedy rancher, Cash Talbot. Talbot wants to buy all the salt for himself, driving the others out of business. Ben, standing for the smaller ranchers who cannot afford to pay the heiress' prices, bids against the wealthy rancher to get a fair price for all.moreless
  • The Burning Sky
    The Burning Sky
    Episode 18
    Sadistic, racist rancher Aaron Gore stalks the wife of Ben's friend Will Holt, whom he has hired as a horse trainer. Moon is a beautiful Sioux who befriends Mr. Gore's son, whom he regularly beats up. Mr. Gore uses some incredibly vicious means to ensure she regrets ever having anything to do with his son.moreless
  • The Thirteenth Man
    The Thirteenth Man
    Episode 17
    The area ranchers are losing many cattle to rustlers, so they hire Marcus Alley to help discover the thieves' identities. However, his methods raise eyebrows as accused rustlers begin winding up dead instead of in custody.
  • A Girl Named George
    A Girl Named George
    Episode 16
    Can a photograph lie? Sleazy lawyer Cato Troxell is on trial for the murder of a Virginia City judge. As proof that he couldn't have done it, he produces a group photograph he's in that was taken at the Ponderosa at the time of the killing. The Cartwrights and Candy examine the photo and notice something wrong with Troxell's appearance in the shot.moreless
  • The Trackers
    The Trackers
    Episode 15
    Cully Maco returns to Virginia City after serving five years for a bank robbery. When the same bank is hit again, he's the prime suspect. Ben, Hoss and Candy join the bank owner, Brogan, on a posse to bring Maco back for trial. When it becomes obvious Brogan plans to lynch the man before he gets his day in court, Ben becomes suspicious.moreless
  • The Gold Detector
    The Gold Detector
    Episode 14
    Vern Higgins is applying pressure to Barney to sell his tapped-out gold mine to him for the copper inside. Hoss believes there's still gold in there; he sets out to prove it with a contraption that supposedly detects gold. McNulty is sent from the home office to help build gizmo which seems intent on making Hoss look foolish.moreless
  • Justice Deferred
    Justice Deferred
    Episode 13
    An anguished Hoss discovers that his testimony helped hang an innocent man accused of murder. As he struggles to bring the real killer to justice, Hoss must also combat the cowardice of another witness and the jury foreman, an influential banker.
  • Check Rein
    Check Rein
    Episode 12
    Jayce Frederick, at risk of loosing his ranch to foreclosure, is injured on the Ponderosa. He asks the Cartwrights to attend an auction and buy back one of his prized horses. Joe and Candy don't realize the trouble they'll encounter from the man's ruthless uncle who wants the ranch, and the horse, at any cost.moreless
  • Six Black Horses
    Six Black Horses
    Episode 11
    One of Ben's old friends, Ownie Dugan, seems to have stuck it rich wants to spend some money in Nevada fighting against an ex-partner. Ben discovers a terrible catch to the cash--it's stolen.
  • Showdown at Tahoe
    Showdown at Tahoe
    Episode 10
    A career criminal claims to be a lumber man wanting to buy some timber from the Ponderosa. In reality, he and his gang plan to hijack the Cartwrights' paddle steamboat on Lake Tahoe, make off with the Ponderosa's one million dollar payroll, and escape to San Francisco.
  • The Sure Thing
    The Sure Thing
    Episode 9
    Ben tries to make Trudy Loughlin's dream come true by buying her a stallion to ride in an upcoming race. Trudy's drunken, no-good father, Burt, may ruin her big day by working with a gambler to fix the race.
  • Desperate Passage
    Desperate Passage
    Episode 8
    While driving horses to Utah, the Cartwrights come across the only two survivors of a town following a Paiute massacre. They carefully their way through Indian territory to bring the pair to safety. The man is an accused murderer and the woman knows he's innocent but won't say so.
  • The Gentle Ones
    The Gentle Ones
    Episode 7
    Some people believe horse-loving cowboy Mark Cole is nothing but a coward. With the help of the Cartwrights, he finally takes a stands against his sadistic brother who treats his horses cruelly.
  • False Witness
    False Witness
    Episode 6
    While at the bank in Sand Dust, Joe and the bank's secretary, Valerie Townsend, witness an armed robbery. During the subsequent gunfight, the main culprit, Billy Slater, kills the banker. He's quickly brought to justice with Joe, Hoss and Candy agreeing to be witnesses--if they can avoid being killed in the meantime.moreless
  • Night of Reckoning
    Night of Reckoning
    Episode 5
    An outlaw named Dibbs takes Hoss, Joe, and Candy prisoners at the Ponderosa. He wants the $60,000 that the foreman, Donny Buckler, has hidden, and he is determined to get it.
  • Judgment at Olympus
    Candy stands accused of murder in the town of Olympus. The victim's father, the town "boss", is determined to see Candy hang,a so pays off a witness and the district attorney. Then Joe is locked up on suspicion of murder as well. It's up to Hoss to figure out what's going on in that town and free Joe and Candy.moreless
  • The Conquistadores
    The Conquistadores
    Episode 3
    A band of Mexican conquistadores kidnaps Joe for a $25,000 ransom in gold. A group of cowboys with less-than-virtuous intentions plan to rescue Joe - then kill him and claim the gold for themselves.
  • Sense of Duty
    Sense of Duty
    Episode 2
    Ben, Hoss, and Joe help the Virginia City militia escort a renegade Indian to prison. Wabuska, who claims he is the Almighty, has his followers among the Paiutes and they attack the Cartwright party. They receive needed assistance from Candy Canaday, a cowboy who is introduced in this episode. Ben hires Candy as a Ponderosa ranch hand at the close of the episode.moreless
  • Second Chance
    Second Chance
    Episode 1
    When Joe and Hoss try to warn nearby settlers about renegade Indians, they become trapped with the group that includes a dying man, a coward, and thieves. Ben joins an army patrol to rescue his boys.