Season 3 Episode 2


Aired Saturday 7:30 PM Oct 01, 1961 on NBC

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  • It's Spring and the Cartwright boys are sick of the snow, rain, cold and mud of winter. When they get into a tussle and injure Jedediah Milbank, an old friend of Ben's, each has to go on an errand for the old miser.

    This is a classic Bonanza episode. Each brother has to go on a separate errand for old moneybags Milbank. Joe is supposed to throw a squatter off a piece of land Milbank wants to evantually sell to the railroad. Hoss is supposed to buy a small farm from a young couple, because he wants it for a feeding station for his cattle. Adam is supposed to evict a family from a farm Milbank was selling to them over time, after the family has fallen on hard times.

    As the brothers each have to deal with a different problem, each sees how much the land and home of the individuals they are sent to run off, buy out or evict means to them. Instead of doing Milbank's dirty work, they find themselves trying to help others in need. In the process, they all learn to appreciate what they have.

    There are some great scenes in this episode. One of my favorites are the one in which Hoss trades the bill of sale for the farm he was supposed to buy for a cute puppy. The other is the scene in which the three sons return home to report how each of the missions turned out--also a scene with an appearance by the cute puppy!

    Springtime is a classic that really shows the character of the Cartwrights. While the boys may get Spring fever and get into a tussle (A wrestling match in the mud!), their solid upbringing by Ben later prevails.