Season 10 Episode 15

Sweet Annie Laurie

Aired Saturday 7:30 PM Jan 05, 1969 on NBC

Episode Recap

Hoss' newest acquaintance is Annie Laurie Adams, a beautiful petite woman who has a dark secret to hide. She is on the run from her husband, Kelly, a career criminal who is wanted in several states for murder and robbery.

Kelly and Annie Laurie married after a week-long courtship, and only after their vows had been spoken did he reveal his true self - a sadistic, abusive monster who is bound and determined to control and intimidate his wife. Now, she's on the run, but several of Kelly's associates are tracking her every movement.

Annie Laurie believes she has found refuge at the Ponderosa and confides in Hoss that she is abused and plans to start a new life in St. Joe. She was trying to catch a stagecoach when Hoss met her and, after she fainted, brought her back to the Ponderosa.

But thanks to Kelly's sidekick, Paul Rodgers, this ain't so. After learning of his wife's wherabouts, Kelly sends Rodgers to retrieve his wife by claiming he will allow her to divorce him. Even though Hoss is suspicious, Annie Laurie falls for the ploy.

At home, Kelly reveals he wants Annie Laurie to travel with him to Arizona, Texas and ultimately, Mexico. She objects, prompting Kelly to bully her around and intimidate her by threatening Hoss' life if she refuses to cooperate. After a struggle, Annie Laurie pulls a gun on him, and he demands she try to kill him.

The next morning, Annie Laurie has fled back to the Ponderosa, where Roy tells Annie that Kelly is dead. Unknown to everyone else, Kelly is alive and well and planning to kill off Rodgers because Kelly believes he bungled several of their crimes. He then changes his appearance, declares his intent to kidnap Annie Laurie and run away as planned. He then burns the shack down, killing Rodgers in the process.

Annie Laurie goes to the stagecoach station, but Kelly greets her. With his new henchman, Kelly intimidates his wife into telling Hoss to go away and that she had met a man named "Henry Winters" (the new alias Kelly plans to assume). Annie Laurie starts to do as Kelly has told her to, but Hoss sees Kelly and his goon inside the way station and knowing that Annie Laurie is in grave danger, goes inside and runs after Kelly and his sidekick.

The sidekick defeated, Hoss then goes after Kelly, but he grabs his wife at gunpoint and tells Hoss to drop his weapons or she dies. After telling Hoss, "You're a fool, big man" and starts to point his gun at him, the gun discharges and causes the shack he was standing in to collapse, crushing him to death. Annie Laurie breaks free and cries in relief.

In the coda, Annie Laurie is cleared of any charges in Kelly's death and Hoss wishes her good luck as she boards the stagecoach for St. Joe.