Season 1 Episode 27

The Last Trophy

Aired Saturday 7:30 PM Mar 26, 1960 on NBC

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  • A trophy wife tries to seduce Adam, banters with a bully, and nearly gets her husband killed.

    The scenery in this episode was decent (including Adam) but there is very little else to recommend this Season One plot of Bonanza. It was very hard to watch Lady Dunsford mistreat her doting husband in so many ways: egging him on to hunt big game like he did in the old days, when she knew it was not his first choice (c'mon, it's not like the guy's a spring chicken any more - he should be relaxing on a porch smoking stogies); making advances towards Adam right under her husband's nose (that's classy); and finally, carousing with the same brute who'd captured her husband, in order to spur him into defending her (Adam pointed out that the two deserved one another, and I think that was the truest line in the episode). It was actually rather sickening to see such a self-centered, inciteful spouse, especially contrasted with the fact that her husband dearly loved her.

    The writers pulled a lickety-split happy ending with Lady Dunsford changing her tune in a hurry after their captor held a knife to her throat, and finally easing up on her husband for not being more courageous. However, I don't believe one can terrorize someone else into being more devoted and appreciative towards someone they'd just berated, so that whole twist seemed rather far-fetched.

    The best part of the whole episode was in the next to last scene when the renegade Indian stands right next to the fallen Lord Dunsford and trains a gun directly on Adam. Lord Dunsford simply reaches out and grabs the guy's ankle to trip him, the Indian immediately drops the gun (right into Adam's waiting hands), and Adam shoots their brutish captor. Hilarious sequence of events if you get to watch it!