Season 5 Episode 11

The Legacy

Aired Saturday 7:30 PM Dec 15, 1963 on NBC



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  • Quotes

    • Ben: Three wives. Three sons. All of them so different.

    • Adam: I'm not interested in your character references.

    • Roy: Now you just hold on. That's alright is you want to go looking for him but if you find them remember that's a case for the law. You remember that.

    • Joe: No, I didn't kill him. Nobody deserved killing like he did, but I couldn't do it. Had the rifle pointed at him and my finger on the trigger and I just couldn't do it—maybe it was because it was your rifle. He confessed to his father. Sheriff Coffee is going to go pick him up tomorrow.

    • Ben: You tend to see in your children only what you hope to see. I don't think Adam could do anything without giving it some real deep thought. Any more than Hoss could do anything without giving it some real deep feeling.

    • "I'd consider that a pleasure, Ma'am." - Adam

    • "Why don't you go and pester somebody else." - Hoss

  • Notes

    • German episode title: "Das Vermächtnis", meaning "The Legacy".

    • This episode was reedited to form the frame of the 1994 NBC special Back to Bonanza. Ben is shown getting shot and tended to by the coachman. Then as he tells the driver about each of his sons, we see clips from other episodes featuring that specific son.

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