Season 14 Episode 14

The Marriage of Theodora Duffy

Aired Saturday 7:30 PM Jan 09, 1973 on NBC

Episode Recap

Griff declines the offer to go into town with the other boys. After they leave, Candy, Ben, and Joe ask Griff to come to the house. A woman, Theodora Duffy, is there and says she was worried about him and wondered where he had gone off to. Joe gets angry with Griff for leaving her after their 'marriage' and they argue until Duffy breaks it up and gets angry at Joe. Then she asks Griff if she should go away.

Duffy and Griff move to their new house and start setting up their household. They wonder if the Cartwrights believed everything and Griff thinks the plan is working great. Griff starts talking about how to make their new house homier. Duffy reminds him that they are playing a game and it isn't real.

Griff goes out and pulls the fence down and steals a cow and is being watched by two men. He talks to Duffy about how he killed the cow and butchered it and planned to sell the meat in town. That night, Duffy asks Griff to come into her room from his bed on the couch just before a man barges in and pulls a gun on them.

A man comes in and says they will be working for him from then on. Griff complies, but wants to know what he will be doing for Holt. Griff wants Duffy to tell him everything that's going on and finds out they are going after a Civil War renegade named Stanton.

Candy finds the fence that Griff pulled down and heads to his house to ask what was going on. Duffy says to get rid of him, so she purposefully trips and when Candy catches her, Griff tells him to get away from his wife and to leave. Candy also wants to know about the fence and some money Griff came into. Griff tells him to leave and not come back.

That evening Griff is taking supplies to Holt, who works for Stanton, when he hears shots. He is told to go and bury the body. When he brings the body back to their house, Duffy identifies him as a government agent. Griff becomes worried that Duffy could suffer the same fate and wants to quit the game. Griff comes back to the house after he buries the body and Duffy apologizes for what happened, since Griff is extremely upset by the whole ordeal.

A man asks Griff for directions and Duffy says she testified against him in court. Griff wants her to go, but she says she won't. Griff goes to the agency and asks for help from Duffy's boss, but he won't do anything. Griff begins to realize his feelings for Duffy and he doesn't want anything to happen to her. She says not to fall in love with her because she will just go on to another job. They share a hug and a kiss, but are walked in on by Holt.

Candy walks in carrying the skin of the butchered cow and is shocked to see Griff's involvement in these illegal activities and his whole nonchalant attitude about it. Candy takes a swing at Griff and knocks him to the ground, and one of Holt's men punches Candy.

Stanton walks into the room and begins to note all the coincidences about Griff, Duffy, and Candy. One of the men recognizes Duff as an agent. Fighting ensues between everyone while Griff grabs a rifle and tries to maintain some order, but they quickly duck when bullets begin to fly. Duffy's boss, Taylor, comes in and escorts the prisoner away while Candy demands to know what just happened and what is going on, but Griff just says nothing happened.

Griff and Duffy have packed up and they say their goodbyes. Griff holds out a hand and says goodbye, but Duffy doesn't take it. She kisses him and they finally part ways.