Season 1 Episode 21

The Spanish Grant

Aired Saturday 7:30 PM Feb 06, 1960 on NBC

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  • The promoter of a would-be heiress to a Spanish land grant, that would make her the richest woman in the United States, has his hired guns kill a homesteader for "trespassing", but with a witness to court, thanks to Adam, to see if this is her real grand

    The courts have upheld the old Spanish land grants, and Sebastian Cabot as Don Antonio Luga wants his share as the agent for the heiress: Isabella Marie De La Cuesta, or is she the heiress? Trouble brews when one of Rosita's acquantances from where she came from encounters her again dancing in the saloon and decides to try to deal with both Don Antonio and the Cartwrights, the former for the convenience to avoid confusion, and the latter of Adam escorting her to view her property, including where a homesteading couple, and their child had worked the land, built their home, but the husband gunned down by one of Don Antonio's hired guns the day before after posting a No Trespassing sign on the house and the homesteader protesting. A protest headed to court by the others in the district with a surprise witness, Donna Theresa Esperanza, to see if this Rosita is realy her grand niece Isabella. Rosita being asked in private by Donna Theresa of what's important in life and that the real heiress would not insist on by "blood and deed" but who would have "generosity" toward the homsteaders, Rosita admitting, of her then, by those standards, not being this person, as by her greed she "had" (past tense), the ending scene leaving the question put to Donna Theresa by Ben Cartwright of whether or not she really was "the" heiress, Isabella Marie De La Cuesta! -- A comparison to the movie Anastasia.