Bondi Rescue

Monday 11:00 PM on Fuel TV Premiered Feb 22, 2006 In Season


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  • Season 3
    • Episode 7 (3)
      Episode 7 (3)
      Episode 7
      Veteran lifeguard Terry tests newcomer Trent and instructs him to move an obnoxious surfer from between the flags but the surfer turns out to be Terry's mate, Australian triple-heavyweight champion Bobby Mirovic. Three Korean tourists get caught out at sea. When returned to their mother, she didn't even realise they were missing.moreless
    • Episode 6 (3)
      Episode 6 (3)
      Episode 6
      It's Australia Day, the busiest day of the year for the lifeguards when tourists, travelers and locals flock to the beach en mass. The new Hawaiian lifeguard Kyle is not used to so many people and finds it difficult with so many poor swimmers in the water. A British tourist brakes her nose after a board hits her in the face and is sent to hospital. Things get from bad to worse when there are 10 people who need to be rescued from the water but there are only 6 lifeguards to help them. The sun sets and the lifeguards start to pack up but after four different sightings of a shark, the alarm is sounded and the water evacuated.moreless
    • Episode 4 (3)
      Episode 4 (3)
      Episode 4
      The latest addition to the Bondi lifeguards is Kyle Pao from Hawaii, who just arrived off the plane to begin a one month lifeguard-exchange program. He is greeted at the airport by some of the boys in blue who take him down to Bondi, where he enjoys a barbecue. Kyle can't believe how busy it is at the beach and explains how there are only several dozen rescues a year on the relaxed Hawaiian beaches compared to the thousands a year at Bondi.moreless
    • Episode 5 (3)
      Episode 5 (3)
      Episode 3
      Head lifeguards Deano and Whippet talk to young nippers about how they can achieve their dream of becoming Bondi lifeguards themselves one day. It's an overcast, quiet day and lifeguard trainees Blake & Max take the opportunity to do some jetski drills but when Max destroys the expensive radio by getting water into it, he gets a talking to from the senior lifeguards. In the meantime, a family reports two suspicious men who are suspected of using drugs. Police arrive who escort them to the tower where they find drugs on them.moreless
    • Episode 3 (3)
      Episode 3 (3)
      Episode 3
      A cyclone in Queensland causes huge waves at Bondi and nearby Sydney beaches. The lifeguards make a tough decision to close the beach but they don't clock off just yet because daring surfers still have a shot at the big waves. While a fisherman is washed off the rocks at the north end, the lifeguards play a game of beach cricket with the visiting Indian cricket team.moreless
    • Episode 2 (3)
      Episode 2 (3)
      Episode 2
      It's New Years Day and the masses arrive at Bondi hoping that the waves, sunlight and soft sand between their toes will cure last night's hangover. The lifeguards don't have 5 minutes to relax in the sun as rescues are being made throughout the day, one backpacker is suspected of having a spinal injury.moreless
    • Episode 1 (3)
      Episode 1 (3)
      Episode 1
      After new year it was a busy day for Bondi. With everything from pranks to swells. 20 000 people are on the beach and the lifeguards are faced with many problems as the day progresses. The swells and rips are a big part of the problem but also a broken down jet ski isn't much help!moreless
  • Season 2
  • Season 1
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