Bondi Rescue

Monday 11:00 PM on Fuel TV Premiered Feb 22, 2006 In Season


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  • Bondi is based on the lives of the lifesavers at Australia's Bondi beach!

    Who wouldn't love this show when you get to watch our aussie boys in blue running around the beach saving people, not to mention they are pretty good looking too! They do an awesome job looking after our beaches and keeping us safe, but also entertained. They all take their jobs so serious, but at the same time keep us all amused with the hilarious practical jokes they play on one another. One of my favs has gotta be Max, he's so cute who would love little Maxie! It's great to have such a wonderful show that isn't planned and is just based on what life savers do best! I hope they continue filming because it really is an awesome show!
  • I stumbled upon the show while waiting for Supernatural... I got hooked!

    Well, I was waiting for Supernatural to come on and ended up watching Bondi Rescue because I think it ran overtime.

    I was hooked, the lifesavers are so funny and they take their jobs seriously - whilst having fun.

    Yesterday's episode (The one where they showed how they couldn't rescue the Mongolian man that immigrated to Australia a week before he died) made me realise how much this show was informative.

    So now I have something to watch while I'm waiting for Supernatural to come on. And it doesn't hurt that some of the lifesavers are hot, wet and topless most of the time.
  • Who wouldn't want to watch a show that you can perve on some hot guys (or girls if you so wish) :D

    Not to mention it can be quite amusing and interesting! Bondi Rescue is a interesting look into a job a lot of Australian's do voluntarily along our beautiful beaches. The boys (and girl) in blue would argueably have the best job in the world: looking after Australia's best beach. They are hero's too. But I am very jealous because they look after a beach that draws the rich and famous. Ahh...who wouldn't love that job??? :D:D:D:D
  • Not too original but brilliant!

    I have seen an American version of this show which isn't really the same series but I would rate that 1 out of 10 compared to this excellent show. This show follows the payed (blue) lifeguard team through the hot and not so hot days of Summer on the bussiest beach in the world which sometimes has over 20 thousand people on it at once. Not only do the lifeguards rescue people but deal with pervets, theft, sharks, lost kids and so much more. I think that this show was a really clever idea and they have brilliant coverage considering they are running, swimming and surfing most of the time!