Bondi Rescue - Season 2

Monday 11:00 PM on Fuel TV Premiered Feb 22, 2006 In Season


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  • Episode 10 (2)
    Episode 10 (2)
    Episode 10
    In the final episode of Series two, the lifeguards of Bondi Rescue are kept on their toes despite summer coming to a close.

    Tom and Yatesy discover a red-bellied black snake that’s finds its way onto the sand at nearby Tamarama Beach.

    Whippet gets square with Kerrbox for an earlier practical joke, by tricking Box into playing a starring role in a fictitious Japanese Energy Drink Commercial.

    Under the guidance of Corey, Reidy finds redemption in the surf when he overcomes his big wave fear.

    Its been a big season, and lifeguards take time to reflect by surfing together after work.

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  • Episode 9 (2)
    Episode 9 (2)
    Episode 9
    Snoop Dogg and his posse drop into Bondi to shoot a music promo, complete with topless extras.

    A Brazilian surfer meets the pointy end of a surfboard, following a collision which leaves lifeguards dealing with the biggest cut of the season.

    And a wild storm clears the beach of swimmers, while delivering a cat via the storm water drain.

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  • Episode 8 (2)
    Episode 8 (2)
    Episode 8
    Less than 48 hours after a tragic drowning at Bondi, a woman is pulled from the water... no breathing, no pulse. Lifeguards prepare the defibrillator to shock her back to life.

    In the lead-up to the regional lifeguard championships, the Bondi crew are taunted by rival teams. During the gruelling race a tactical error is overcome by a Herculean effort from one of Bondi’s legendary iron man champions.

    And, Kerrbox is selected to enter a radio station’s dating competition. It’s an embarrassing process, made worse by the taunting of his mates.

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  • Episode 7 (2)
    Episode 7 (2)
    Episode 7
    A tragedy unfolds at Bondi when lifeguards are unable to locate a man last seen swimming at the southern end of the beach. Identified for a brief moment struggling to stay afloat, he disappears from view behind waves. Not having seen him go under and with no friends, family, or witnesses forthcoming, lifeguards can’t be sure anyone is actually missing - with 20,000 people still needing to be monitored, the search is called off after 45 minutes.

    Yet at the end of the day, when the sun sets and lifeguards pack up, a 16 year old boy approaches with information his father has been missing for 2 hours, immediately their worst fears are realised.

    For everyone who visits the beach, this special episode of Bondi Rescue highlights the need for all beach goers to be aware of the dangers posed by the ocean.

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  • Episode 6 (2)
    Episode 6 (2)
    Episode 6
    Corey Adams races out to rescue a group of school mates caught in a rip. But the odds are stacked against him - there’s just one lifeguard and six drowning men.

    Secret training and sideline bets are the order of the day as Bondi’s lifeguards compete in their own iron man competition.

    And, Kerrbox recruits a British backpacker to carry out an elaborate practical joke on his colleague and former "Home and Away" star Whippet.

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  • Episode 5 (2)
    Episode 5 (2)
    Episode 5
    The 2.5 kilometre North Bondi Classic Ocean Swim attracts over a thousand swimmers to Bondi each year. But this year some uninvited entrants have joined the course, forcing lifeguards to evacuate all swimmers back to the beach - pronto.

    Blake, the trainee lifeguard from Penrith hits the water and pulls a man from the water for his first rescue.

    And a thief caught red handed by lifeguards as he pilfers beach goers belongings, is swiftly handed over to police.

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  • Episode 4 (2)
    Episode 4 (2)
    Episode 4
    There’s madness and pandemonium at Bondi on a busy Sunday when a flash rip sweeps dozens of swimmers out of the flags and into deep water. Lifeguards are overwhelmed by the mass rescue, and one man is dragged unconscious from the water. With the treacherous conditions, Hoppo makes the call to pull the flags down and close the beach. Thousands of swimmers crowd the shoreline and in the simmering tension a fight breaks out. The crowd mobs lifeguards treating a spinal as rescues continue in the water.

    After "Mad Sunday" all eyes are focussed on Lifeguard "Deano" who is planning a top secret operation to propose to his girlfriend Lily. As veteran Corey says, "even on the quietest day’s there’s never a dull moment".

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  • Episode 3 (2)
    Episode 3 (2)
    Episode 3
    Bondi’s first full time female lifeguard Brooke discovers what it means to work at the world’s busiest beach as she conducts a string of rescues and an emergency call has lifeguards rushing to the cliffs at North Bondi where a man lies unconscious on the rocks after a 40 metre fall.

    On New Years Day, lifeguards attend late party-goers who are dehydrated and hung-over. Whippet and Bobby try convincing Kerrbox to tackle his fear of heights with a ride on the dreaded slingshot.

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  • Episode 2 (2)
    Episode 2 (2)
    Episode 2
    Rookie Lifeguard Blake faces his first big physical test when he takes part in an underwater training race. The lifeguard team run a relay carrying weights five hundred metres underwater with Blake on one team and Brooke, the first fulltime female lifeguard, on the other. Being a former Iron Woman, Brooke seems much more at home in the water than the rookie from Penrith.

    A grand mother is frantic when her two grand daughters go missing in the water on a busy day at Bondi. And the fun and festivity of Christmas Day is put on hold as two drowning swimmers are plucked from a rip.

    The rite of passage continues for Reidy - having proved himself last year he faces the final hurdle that will lift him to top level lifeguard status...big surf. All eyes are on him as he paddles into some of the biggest waves of summer.

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  • Episode 1 (2)
    Episode 1 (2)
    Episode 1
    The boys in blue are back, although joined by some unlikely new faces. Despite being female in a male domain, former Iron Woman Brooke Cassell is a solid inclusion to the pre-season training squad. The same can´t be said of slightly built Penrith local Blake McKeown, whose board skills come under immediate scrutiny.

    As summer kicks off a shark visits swimmers between the flags, nude swimmers refuse to change their dress code, and in a near-death experience, soon-to-be-married Londoner Terry Smith, realises how quickly the sea can take the life of the unwary.

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